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Wednesday, 13 Aug

On the 13th day of the Project Space Festival, insitu will present "Magic Tricks", the first artistic collaboration between artists Tobias Dostal and Ariel Schlesinger. Driven by a fascination for moments of deception and illusion, the collaboration promises surprising interventions.
This event is part of the Project Space Festival. 
insitu, 19.00h
An exhibition with works by David Adamo and Nik Kosmas.
OZEAN, 19.00h
Duration: 14 Aug3 Sep

Thursday, 14 Aug

Ulf Aminde, weiter, 2004, 9:17 min., Screenshot Courtesy Galerie Tanja Wagner, Berlin
SOX uses the unusual one-shot format of the Festival to show a film screening in the backyard of its space. Films by Martin Brand, Stefan Panhans, Ulf Aminde and Annika Eriksson will be on view for this special event titled, “Lichtspiele, Punk”. Inside the actual space, with its characteristic large display case window facing the street, a work by Nina Schuiki will be shown.
This event is part of the Project Space Festival. 
SOX, 21.00h

Friday, 15 Aug

Daniel Landau - Open Skies at Circle1
Daniel Landau will present in the upcoming exhibition in Circle1 the video “Open Skies” (2013). The video work presents a tent encampment of homeless people which is situated between Tel Aviv and one of its satellite towns, Ramat Gan. It is a central place, a main transport axis between intersections of different roads and skyscrapers populated with corporate ventures and the stock market.
There, in such a scenario, this neighborhood of tents grew on a...
Circle1 - Platform for Art & Culture, 19.00h
Duration: 15 Aug19 Sep
Yochai Matos uses in his works basic and simple images derived from the Modern Culture; images which already contain layers of replication and recycling - an evolution which leads both to the depletion and the over-readability of these images. By dealing with pop and kitsch icons Matos wishes to touch once again the romantic, authentic and lost emotions, suggesting a simple and comforting way of confronting the contemporary disease of emotional disability.
Circle1 - Platform for Art & Culture, 19.00h
Duration: 15 Aug19 Sep
New Barbizon group - Anna Lukashevsky at Circle1
The New Barbizon Group is a refreshing and important arrival on the art scene in Israel and beyond. It comprises five Israeli women artists who were trained in art academies in the Soviet Union, and later in Israel and Europe, who leave the studio as a group to paint from observation, usually in an urban setting. They offer a contemporary version of the tradition of open-air painting (en plein air), rooted in nineteenth-century French Realism.
Artists: ...
Circle1 - Platform for Art & Culture, 19.00h
Duration: 15 Aug19 Sep
Speisekino Moabit ZKU art centre
Screening + Food
During the festival event "Speisekino Moabit" on the 15th of August, ZK/U will be inviting guests beginning at 19:30 to dinner, which will continue with a film screening of "Das Traumhaus (The Dream House)"
This screening is part of the Project Space Festival. 
ZK/U Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik, 19.30h
Duration: 6 Jun
Contemporary Art Exchange
Zusammenspiel explores the process of interpretation and description essential to the practices of two Berlin based artists with visual impairments. The audience is encouraged to participate in the creation of the exhibition itself during the opening night event by describing Jan's photographs to Silja so that she may interpret them live in painted form. 
Das Gift, 20.00h
Duration: 16 Aug17 Aug

Sunday, 17 Aug

Anne Gathmann at Sonntag, Project Space Festival
On Sunday, August 17th Sonntag invites guests from 14:00 to 18:00 for coffee and tea at home. Guests can also enjoy the works by the invited artist, Ignacio Uriarte, that are installed within the apartment, along with a slice of Ignacio’s favorite cake, fresh fruit tart.
This event is part of the Project Space Festival. 
Sonntag, 14.00h

This Week

Monday, 18 Aug

Lokanta, Apartment, Project, project space festival
Apartment Project will contribute to the Project Space Festival with “Lokanta”, a performance and dinner discussing mobility. “Lokanta” is the name of a type of traditional restaurant in Turkey, which are usually located on the roads welcoming travelers, truck drivers, busses and cars. On Monday, August 18th at 19.00, questions such as, ‘What exactly is mobility? How does an artist experience it? When does one feel stuck?’ will be discussed with invited...
Apartment Project, 19.00h

Tuesday, 19 Aug

Lembrança de Brasilia – Translations at die raum
Only 5 sq.m. available: Laearcio Redondo takes up this challenge on Tuesday, August 19th as he speaks about his project, "Lembrança de Brasilia" (Memory from Brasilia). Based on the historical work of Brazilian artist Athos Bulcão, the work reflects upon an important artist in Brazil’s recent history and discusses modernist architecture and its utopias as a means of transforming Brazilian society.
This event is part of the Project Space Festival.
die raum, 20.00h

Wednesday, 20 Aug

To experience NuN, visitors must climb a ladder and enter the exhibition space through a window. For the Project Space Festival, Brad Downey will empty the exhibition space with a minimal, yet time-consuming installation, while Jesũs invites friends and disciples for his Last Supper, a veggie BBQ on the sidewalk.
This event is part of the Project Space Festival.
NuN, 19.00h

Thursday, 21 Aug

Letting Grow
Along with Lucia Kempkes and Jessica Prescott, Espace Surplus presents a feast for the senses in the breathtaking space of ‘Between You and Me’. Endless drawings overwhelm the eyes, plants and herbs take over and bewitch with their flavor, leaves rustle, freshly baked delicacies perfume the space, delicious fresh herbal teas and freshly chopped salads await to be tasted and touched - and in the end even the sixth sense is inspired and fulfilled.
Espace Surplus Le Grand, 11.00h
Duration: 21 Aug

Friday, 22 Aug

An exhibition with works by Tilo Baumgärtel, Lou Hoyer, Stu Mead and Christoph Ruckhäberle.
Galerie Christian Ehrentraut, 17.00h
Duration: 22 Aug6 Sep
Eilis McDonald, untitled - Note On, project space festival
„... and the fact that you move so beautifully more or less takes care of Futurism...“
(Frank O’Hara, Having a Coke with You, 1966)
NOTE ON and the artists Sonja Gerdes & Allison Peacock, Faye Green and Eilis McDonald, invite you to a series of performances on the shores of Krumme Lanke and in Cyberspace. The meeting point for the journey through creaturely inbetween-worlds, for fantasmatic encounters and breathless attempts of materialisation is the...
NOTE ON, 18.00h
tinsel town das gift geovanna gonzalez
Tinsel Town is a cultural and environmental exploration of home for GeoVanna. Her relocation to Berlin resulted in an objectivity that allowed a closer look at The Entertainment Capital’s obsession with status, reputation and wealth; how it effects the physical appearance of the Los Angeles cityscape and the declining condition of the environment. Gonzalez displays the appearance-driven mindset of Angelenos in the way that success is authenticated through...
Das Gift, 20.00h
Duration: 23 Aug24 Aug

Saturday, 23 Aug

FlipFlop Dancefloor, Bianca Rampa, after the butcher
From 11:00 to 19:00 on Saturday, August 23rd, after the butcher will present "FlipFlop Dancefloor".  Artist Bianca Rampas will be covering the space’s floor with the used-up dance floor from the Berlin Ballet, which she will then transform bit by bit into flip-flop shoes, that eagerly await to be carried out into the world.
This event is part of the Project Space Festival. 
after the butcher, 11.00h

Next Week

Monday, 25 Aug

Look into your bowl of soup , project space festival
Beginning at 19:00 on Monday, August 25th, Autocenter will be showing works by Mark Strömich with the theme "Look into your bowl of soup." What can we expect to see? According to the artist of all things liquid, anything from sausages to perfection and the cosmos.
This event is part of the Project Space Festival. 

Wednesday, 27 Aug

Watching time pass: L40's installation "Ease Your Window Down" by Paula Doepfner deals with the life and afterlife of Rosa Luxembourg. A block of ice with a text excerpt about the politician suspended inside will be shown at the corner of Almstadtstraße and Rosa-Luxembourg-Straße on Wednesday, the 27th of August from 11:00, when the sun begins the melting process. The frozen text brings the ice only during the day to light.
This installation is part of...
L40, 12.00h
Paula Doepfner'​s installation Ease Your Window Down deals with the ​life and afterlife of​ the​ Polish-German politician Rosa Luxembourg after whome ​the place and adjoining street of the exhibition site are named​. Beneath​ three maple trees, a block of ice is situated on blue flax. Bedded on plants mentioned in the herbarium that Luxembourg famously invested in prison it​ ​holds in it's​ heart - readable with difficulty - ​a ​ text excerpt from Heiner...
rosalux, 12.00h

Thursday, 28 Aug

Marcel, Tarelkin, untitled, video, still, secondary, narratives, terms, narration
Secondary Narratives combines four exhibitions within one format and links the work of independent project spaces and curators. Each of the exhibitions is both autonomous and part of a larger narrative. Under the heading "Terms of Narration," Secondary Narratives hosts a lecture on Thursday, August 28 at 20:00, at the Friedrich-von-Raumer-Library in Kreuzberg: "A lecture inspired by Secondary Narratives; Secondary Narratives interpreted in a lecture. An...
Secondary Narratives, 20.00h

Friday, 29 Aug

Avantgarde of Almost Complete Blindness at District, Project Space Festival
In celebration of the Project Space Festival, District will introduce Laura McLardy’s ArtAndArchitecture-Installation, “Line of Least Resistance”, at 18:00 and invites guests to an extensive performance, music and video program. From 20:00, the interdisciplinary happening curated by the artist collective Boring Drug from Krakow, „Avantgarde of Almost Complete Blindness“, will be experienced as a spiritual séance with experimental music. At 22:00, the...
District-Kunst und Kulturförderung, 18.00h
Line of Least Resistance
„A crack is not a static state but a stage in a process of gradual shear that might expand and tear through a buildings structure and skin along the line of least resistance. Cracks register the evolving contradictions between the static inertia of built structure and the constantly transforming field of forces operating around and within it. Cracks are thus both lines in space and processes in time.“ (Eyal Weizman)
„Line of Least Resistance“ by Laura...
District-Kunst und Kulturförderung, 18.00h
Duration: 29 Aug
An exhibition with works by Alexa Kreissl und Maja Rohwetter. 
Galerie Axel Obiger, 19.00h
Duration: 30 Aug20 Sep
Money Works Part 2.
With works by: Katharina Arndt, Alexandra Baumgartner, Jennifer Chan, Cesar Escudero Andaluz, Nadine Fecht, Manuel Gras, Maarten Janssen, Ralf Kopp, Erica Lapadat-Janzen, Lorna Mills und Yoshi Sodeoka, Virginie Mossé,  Maximilian Roganov, Sebastian Siechold, Philipp Valenta, Vadim Zakharov.
Haus am Lützowplatz, 19.00h
Duration: 30 Aug12 Oct
 Julia Krewani
Julia Krewani shows a selection of her plastic art and of her kinetic objects.
Her work is dedicated to the small things, the unsuspicious stuff of our daily environment that we use and discard without regard.
The artist reconstructed her objects in oversized dimensions, in paper, and she pencilled their surface with scrupulous accuracy up to striking deception.
Within her kinetic objects the things are prompted to a perpetual movement aiming at new,...
Scotty Enterprises, 19.00h
Duration: 30 Aug14 Sep

Saturday, 30 Aug

Leon Eixenberger shows an interactive installation, which connects the interior with the outside space - both acoustically and visually.
Sounding strings will be tightened from  inside the gallery space down to the outside pavement. This installation underlines the approach of the project space BERLIN-WEEKLY in which the art installations created for the high window space should be conceived as public art.
This installation is part of the Project Space...
PRAXES Center for Contemporary Art, 19.00h
Duration: 30 Aug12 Oct
PRAXES Center for Contemporary Art, 19.00h
Duration: 30 Aug28 Sep
Following Cycle 1 (Gerard Byrne | Jutta Koether) in Fall 2013 and Cycle 2 (Judith Hopf | Falke Pisano) in Spring 2014,
the third Cycle at PRAXES is dedicated to the artistic practices of Christina Mackie (London) and Matt Mullican (Berlin/New York).
PRAXES Center for Contemporary Art, 19.00h
Duration: 30 Aug13 Dec
An exhibition with works by Ulla Hahn.
vincenz sala paris|berlin, 19.00h
Duration: 30 Aug20 Sep
The new works by Barbara Probst are once again involved with the concept of simultaneity: multiple cameras, all focused on a particular scene are each connected through a radio control system and release at the same moment.
Barbara Probst puts the resulting photographs together as multi-part works, which seem to the viewer to be both simultaneous and sequential.
The individual pictures in these sequences appear to be contradictory and antithetical to...
Kuckei + Kuckei, 19.00h
Duration: 30 Aug11 Oct

Sunday, 31 Aug

For enthusiastic fans as well as those who’ve just returned from the holidays, the Final Party offers another chance to see images of the entire festival from beginning to end. With good music and cool drinks, the participating spaces invite you to celebrate the Project Space Festival together.
This event is part of the Project Space Festival. 
Bar Babette, 20.00h

The Week After Next

Tuesday, 2 Sep

“Horizons”, Humeau stages the crossing of great distances in time and space, transitions between animal and mineral, and encounters between personal desires and natural forces.
Import Projects, 18.00h
Duration: 3 Sep11 Oct

Wednesday, 3 Sep

Performative treatment of film material showing the GDR’s Round Table in 1989, a strike in Paris 1968, and Tahrir Square in 2012.
Artists: Elske Rosenfeld
Scriptings , 19.00h
Duration: 4 Sep30 Sep

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