This Week

This Week

Thursday, 1 Oct

Objekte 072 - Image credit: Florian Japp
Florian Japp does not arrange fields of color in a two - dimensional space. He creates constructs in a three - dimensional space, a space that was once as empty and as imperceptible as the proverbial white canvas. Japp’s assemblages look arbitrary in the selection of  found onjects or Versatzstuecke. However, they are not. Each piece has a function in and of itself as well as in context with the other pieces.
Duration: 2 Oct6 Dec
Imprint at SomoS
“Imprint” presents the work of two young collage artists, David Woodward (Canada) and SomoS' Summer 2015 Artist in Residence Ingrid Bittar (Brazil). The exhibition traces how both artists unite a unique ability to make subversive and imaginative use of public, historic, and vintage imagery to create very personal and intimate narratives.
SomoS, 18.00h
Duration: 2 Oct17 Oct
Jauser- Baby
Vesselroom Project presents the work of Dominik Steiner, with a selection of the finest collages made between 2013 till today 2015, as unique collaboration with Berlin-based gallery Cruise&Callas.
In his collages, Steiner adds cut-outs from comic books, stickers and other pictorial material from a child´s world and trash culture in order to form new imagery. The ease and speed of Steiner´s work is visible as a hybrid, as is a witty element.
Vesselroom Project, 19.00h
Duration: 1 Oct30 Oct

Friday, 2 Oct

Nicholas Norris for Platform
Please join us at Kleistpark U-bahn station for our first installation by Nicholas Norris on the U7 line on the upper platform .
Nicholas Norris is a painter from Arizona currently living and working in Berlin.
Platform, 19.00h
Duration: 2 Oct30 Oct

Next Week

Thursday, 8 Oct

Solo presentation of works by Shonah Trescott.
Galerie EIGEN + ART Berlin, 17.00h
Duration: 8 Oct31 Oct
Zufall / Chance at Centrum
With the advent of modern art, chance became the creative “spark” which excites the artistic imagination and causes a non-predictable but feasible material result. This practice left chance a continuous paradox. This exhibition approaches chance as 1. a definable beginning 2. furthered by repetition, consolidated in 3. continuity. It brings together photography (Eva Vuillemin), drawing, performance art (Rike Horb) and sound installation (Matthias Krieg)...
Centrum , 18.00h
Duration: 8 Oct18 Oct
One Night Stand #5 in Kunst-Werke
Liebig12 and Gitte Bohr invite you to an evening of art, performances and conversations at Kunst-Werke (Auguststraße 69 in Berlin-Mitte), within the framework of the series “One Night Stand” organised by the Netzwerk freier Berliner Projekträume und -initiativen. Coming together over their common interest in the politics of aesthetic practices, the two art spaces will present themselves in a common event. The presentation includes among others, the second...
Gitte Bohr. Club für Kunst und politisches Denken, 19.00h

Friday, 9 Oct

Hannah van Ginkel, Detail of H1N1, Collage on canvas Photo: Isabel Kronenberger
The exhibition presents collages, paintings, video and installations by Berlin-based artist Hannah van Ginkel. The works on display offer a varied insight into a superficially different, sometimes horrifying world. This world is composed of fragments of common things, gathered from everyday life, put into new forms and contexts. Hereby they confront the spectator with the gaping abyss hidden behind the highly polished facade of sanctioned reality. Please...
HilbertRaum, 18.00h
Duration: 9 Oct18 Oct
Anne Kollwitz Regallager, 2015 Installation view, Regallager, Möbelhaus A-Z, Allerstraße 16, Berlin Photo: Anne Kollwitz
For 25 years, the Goldrausch Project for Women Artists has worked to redress the gender imbalance in the art world. Every year it offers 15 jury-selected female artists in Berlin the chance to strengthen their knowledge, broaden their networks, and develop their professionalism through a postgraduate course – and thereby supports its participants in embarking on successful careers.
The anniversary exhibition “25 Karat – Goldrausch 2015” will show work by...
Goldrausch Künstlerinnenprojekt, 19.00h
Duration: 10 Oct25 Oct

Sunday, 11 Oct

Gütermarkt #13
The Gütermarkt is a market in which crafts, DIY and the usual flea market merge together in a hybrid market.
ZK/U Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik, 12.00h

The Week After Next

Thursday, 15 Oct

Environment, Performances, Gatherings, Transmissions with Johannes Paul Raether, curated by Suza Husse
District Berlin, 18.00h
Duration: 16 Oct13 Dec
An exhibition with works by Tina Born, Ursula Döbereiner, Kerstin Drechsel, Larissa Fassler, Susanne Huth, Annette Kisling, Barbara Trautmann, Petra Trenkel
L40, 19.00h
Duration: 16 Oct28 Nov
Ulrike Mohr, Anthrakothek, 2013  Photograph: Jens Ziehe, Temporäre Galerie Campus Rütli, Berlin copyright Ulrike Mohr / VG BildKunst
Ulrike Mohr invites artists coming from the fields of performance, sound and drawing for a collaboration to transform and dissolve her site-specific (char)coal work at project space Meinblau. Her new work will be the starting point and working material for each collaborating artist. The term „Wechselraum“ comes from relay race (Staffellauf) and defines the zone in which one runner hands off the baton to the next runner. In reference to traditional (char)...
MEINBLAU project space, 19.00h
Duration: 16 Oct18 Oct

Friday, 16 Oct

RoundAbout: CIRCLE1's Exhibition at ID Festival Berlin
Artists: Aharon Ozery; Alon Levin; Alona Harpaz; Alona Rodeh; Amir Fattal ;Amir Yatziv; Assaf Gruber; Keren Shalev; Liav Gabai; Mia Gourvitch; Noga Steiner; Ofir Dor; Olaf Kuhnemann; Sharon Paz.
During October 16-18, 2015, 100+ artists from various disciplines will meet at the Radialsystem V in Berlin for a weekend full of art. A dozen events featuring symphonic and chamber music concerts, dance and theater shows, art and film installations, will present...
RADIAL SYSTEM .V. , 18.30h
Duration: 16 Oct18 Oct
An exhibition with works by Katharina Moessinger und Astrid Menze
Galerie Axel Obiger, 19.00h
Duration: 17 Oct7 Nov

Saturday, 17 Oct

Meet the Artists and Screening
Artist meeting & screening
Meet the artist from Huuto: Satu Rautiainen, Kasper Muttonen, Paula Puoskari
The Screening with videos by:
1) Marja Viitahuhta: I don't remember this, 2012, 11:20 min, single channel video, mute
2) Kaarina Ormio: Will-o'-the-wisp, 2014, 2 min, single channel video, mute
3) Miia Rinne: Sea, 2013, 5:43 min, single channel video (painted 35 film transferred to HD), stereo sound
4) Miia Rinne: Attraction, 2014, 5:00 min, single channel video (painted 35 film...
Scotty Enterprises, 16.00h
Jenny Brillhart, courtesy: Kuckei + Kuckei, Berlin
Jenny Brillhart´s work is concerned with a dialogue between made and found spaces and forms, and their relationship to place, structure and organization. she uses traditional methods of still life, studio practice, photography and paint to inform each object or painting, bringing to it a new history and diary of existence, and then proposing to forward that record to future, unknown contexts.
Kuckei + Kuckei, 19.00h
Duration: 17 Oct19 Dec
Hlynur Hallsson, courtesy: Kuckei + Kuckei, Berlin
An exhibition with works by Hlynur Hallsson.
Kuckei + Kuckei, 19.00h
Duration: 17 Oct19 Dec
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