This Week

The fourth Berlin Art Week will be held this year from 15–20 September 2015. For six days, art lovers from all over the world will gather in Berlin. Visitors of this year’s Berlin Art Week will await the art fair abc – art berlin contemporary, Positions Berlin – Art Fair, the co operation project “Stadt/Bild”  as well as more than 20 institutional exhibitions, project spaces, private collections and a rich program of Art Award Ceremonys, Gallery Nights, Performances, Screenings and Talks.

Mary Hellmann & David Reed, Two by Two	 Installationsansicht / Installation view  Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart – Berlin
6 Mar11 Nov
For the first time the two New York based visual artists Mary Heilmann (b. 1940 in San Francisco) and David Reed (b....
Radically Modern - Urban Planning and Architecture in 1960s Berlin
30 May26 Oct
Architecture and urban design from the sixties still set their stamp on the Berlin townscape. Many key planning...
Black Mountain College: Sue Spayth (li) und  unbekannte Studierende vor der Lee Hall,  Blue Ridge Campus, um 1938 / Black  Mountain College: Sue Spayth (le) and  students in front of Lee Hall, Blue Ridge  Campus, around 1938  © Courtesy of Western Regional Archives,  States Archives of North Carolina
5 Jun27 Sep
Founded in 1933 in North Carolina, USA, Black Mountain College rapidly rose to fame on account of its progressive and...
VIC at insitu
10 Jul2 Oct
Over the course of a year, insitu allows four characters to emerge in four group shows. The individuals are either...
Rudi Meisel . Compratiots 1977—1987 . Two Germanys
22 Aug1 Nov
For the first time in Berlin, C/O Berlin will present 80 photographs from the complete works of Rudi Meisel, some of...
Talents 34 . Lives of the Unholy . Krzysztof Pijarski / Annika K. Kuhlmann
22 Aug1 Nov
Krzysztof Pijarski’s photographic tableaux create visual, historic stages on which different times and spaces come...

Past Week

Saturday, 29 Aug

PSF 2015: Abjects - in infinite loop
Initiating the upcoming group show ‘ABJECTS’ at Import Projects, Paul Kneale will be outsourcing a series of ‘Open Source’ performances. Anticipating their absorption into the infinite feedback loop of artworks both online and off, the artist creates these works as a set of instructions that intervene into existing structures. With Kneale making them free to be staged in his name, his performances are to be conducted by the audience in the gallery....
Import Projects, 16.00h
Performance: Paul Kneale  ABJECTS - IN INFINITE LOOP, part of Projectspacefestival.
Import Projects, 18.00h
An exhibition with works by Aharon Ozery, Christine De La Garenne &  Roland Stratmann. 
Circle1 - Platform for Art & Culture, 19.00h
Duration: 29 Aug10 Oct
Guy Tillim - Points of View
"I saw the cities (…) as a giant puzzle. My plan, to photograph small pieces at a time and put them together to create a portrait, soon seemed pointless in the face of the city's infinite impulses that could not be contained in a manner of my liking. I couldn't see everything and be everywhere."
Guy Tillim returns for Points of View to the city of Johannesburg which he last photographed a decade ago. At that time, Johannesburg offered a provocation to...
Kuckei + Kuckei, 19.00h
Duration: 29 Aug10 Oct

Sunday, 30 Aug

PSF 2015: On the End of the Project Space
The idea of the project space is currently connected to unprecedented notions of economical, political and structural possibilities: While the accumulated prize money of the Berlin Senate’s Project Space Award is nearing the one million Euro mark in its fourth year, formats like the Project Space Festival and other collaborations (e.g. with the Berlin Art Week or KW Institute for Contemporary Art) are providing the project spaces with prestigious public...
Kreuzbergdenkmal / Neue Berliner Raüme, 18.00h

This Week

Monday, 31 Aug

Closing party
For enthusiastic fans as well as those who’ve just returned from holidays, the Final Gathering offers everyone the chance to get together and celebrate the entire festival from beginning to end. With good music and cool drinks, the participating spaces invite you to celebrate the Project Space Festival together.
Der Hof, 19.00h

Wednesday, 2 Sep

Ardan Ozmenoglu for PLATFORM
Please join us at Kleistpark U-bahn station for our first installation by Ardan Özmenoglu on the U7 line on the upper platform .
Ardan Özmenoglu is a versatile Turkish contemporary artist who works in a wide range of mediums including large-scale glass sculptures, works on Post-It® notes and neon lighting. Since her first exhibition in 2006, her unique work has been featured in over forty exhibitions in the U.S. and abroad including Istanbul, Berlin and...
Platform, 19.00h
Duration: 2 Sep29 Sep

Thursday, 3 Sep

MORE, Berlin 20  © Fritz Balthaus, VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn, 2015 Foto / Photo: Friedhelm Hoffmann
Fritz Balthaus is a writer and context artist. He lives in Berlin and been teaching since 2008, holding positions at Hochschule Luzern, Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weißensee, and in 2015 becoming guest professor for sculpture and installation at HFK Hochschule für Künste Bremen. For Akademie der Künste, he developed 13 interventions in the public spaces and gardens of the building on Hanseatenweg, called Spartentische, or “Discipline Tables”. These site-...
Akademie der Künste, 18.30h
Duration: 4 Sep25 Oct
Seriti se
Performance & Installation
Seriti se is a work by Lerato Shadi that looks at the politics of historical erasure, specifically of  Black (POC) females and their achievement and contributions within various fields. The performance deals with absence and presence, subject and object and their transformation through the performative body. Seriti se thematises violence inn-acted within institutional structures.
Galerie Wedding, 19.00h
Duration: 4 Sep10 Sep
"We Will Forget Soon“   A travelling exhibition on the trail of the Soviet Army
For more than 40 years the Soviet Red Army was stationed in the former GDR and for a short while also in the Eastern parts of Germany after the Wall was torn down. This part of German history does not belong to the official commemorative culture, and it's becoming more and more difficult to identify these historical fragments. The Italian photographers Stefano Corso and Dario-Jacopo Laganà started out on a photographical search for traces of its remains.
MEINBLAU project space, 19.00h
Duration: 4 Sep20 Sep

Friday, 4 Sep

A therapeutic prelude to the transmediale festival 2016: What makes you anxious to act, to share or to secure? This Speisekino looks forward to some of the themes of the upcoming transmediale 2016 festival. Join us for an evening of eating and conversing that features a number of surprise guests who have each chosen film clips to serve as conversation starters for the audience. Through short thought-provoking film clips, they will incite you to talk about...
ZK/U Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik, 19.00h
 Garten a.V.
An exhibition with works by Alana Lake, Anke Völk, Simon Mullan, Dominic Kennedy, Sabine Bokelberg, Hanako Geierhos, Thomas Grötz, Michael Schultze, Kes Richardson, Marie von Heyl, Michaela Zimmer, Finbar Ward.
frontviews temporary at Kunstquartier Bethanien
Opening hours
Sat. 14:00 - 21:00h
Sun. 12:00 - 18:00h
Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien, 19.00h
Duration: 4 Sep6 Sep
With works by Lennart Brede, Thiago Facina, Klaus Frahm, and Kim Dotty Hachmann
The exhibition MIT ANDEREN AUGEN, curated by the artists Stohead and Heiko Zahlmann shows the works of four photographers who work very differently. They all share a thematic engagement with urban space. The artists found their motifs in places as varied as the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, Hamburg’s annual market “Dom”, or the dirty corners of Neukölln. The aesthetic approaches...
Schau Fenster, 19.00h
Duration: 5 Sep20 Sep
PORN TO PIZZA - Domestic Clichés
Many things sustain our personal comfort zones—eating delicious food, cuddling with cats, decorating homes, having sex, watching porn on TV and the Internet. Porn, Pets, Plants and Pizza, the 4P of domestic clichés, broadly found their way from real life into the virtual space of the Internet. The Word Wide Web became part of our daily surrounds. We are permanently linked to the world outside our living room. Information comes in and we post personal...
DAM Gallery, 19.00h
Duration: 5 Sep24 Oct
An exhibition with works by Markus Zimmermann.
uqbar, 19.00h
Duration: 5 Sep20 Sep

Next Week

Wednesday, 9 Sep

Festisvall Fünf is an art and music festival taking place late summer 2015. With artworks from 20 Icelandic, German and Dutch artists and four Icelandic bands, it will travel through Reykjavík, Berlin, Leipzig and Amsterdam with concerts and exhibitions in each city. For the exhibition of screen prints, Festisvall commissioned 20 artists to design posters with the theme "food". Each artist had the freedom to stretch the limits of the theme in whatever...
SomoS, 19.00h
Duration: 9 Sep20 Sep
Exhibition view Galerie koal / 2015
In the 5 th solo presentation of Arne Schreiber's work, gallerie koal will present 4 new large scale paintings, oil on canvas and a walldrawing done especially for the show. Typical for Schreiber is the extensive repetition of a process of drawing or painting simple lines till a dense optical field appears in front of the viewer in which the irregular marks the regular. New in this show is his use of a found branch to execute lines. The viewer is invited...
Galerie koal, 19.00h
Duration: 10 Sep25 Oct

Thursday, 10 Sep

Jacob Appelbaum, Sarah Harrison, Berlin, 2015
With SAMIZDATA: Evidence of Conspiracy, NOME presents Jacob Appelbaum’s first solo show in Germany, curated by Tatiana Bazzichelli.
Having previously collaborated in art projects with Ai Weiwei, Trevor Paglen, Laura Poitras, and others, independent journalist Jacob Appelbaum now presents his own works as an artist. As part of a process of investigative journalism and document-leaking aimed at the higher goal of transparency, the exhibition is above all a...
NOME, 18.00h
Duration: 11 Sep31 Oct
Bernard Frize, Uma, 2015 © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2015
Bernard Frize is the recipient of this year’s Käthe Kollwitz Prize. This Akademie der Künste award acknowledges the painter for his significant contribution to painting and his extremely complex and extensive oeuvre.
Akademie der Künste, 19.00h
Duration: 11 Sep25 Oct
Saturn Drive
Saturn Drive addresses the question how art positions itself in today’s plethora of possible worlds.  Rather than presenting finite objects of art the project brings together the speculations of seven international artists on the basic conditions and possible meaning of creation in times of revolutions – be they technological, financial or political.
An exhibition with works by Ann Craven, Friederike Feldmann, Keltie Ferris, Renaud Regnery, Marie Reinert...
L40, 19.00h
Duration: 11 Sep3 Oct
Review - Andreas Koch
An exhibition with works by Andreas Koch. 
Haus am Lützowplatz, 19.00h
Duration: 11 Sep15 Nov
Are We Not Drawn Onward to New Era
Gonçalo Sena's installation for die raum is a 'sculptural palindrome'; hence the title which reads the same backward as forward. The installation works with the possible perspectives of the viewer defined by the limited visual and physical access to the exhibition space of only 5 m2.
die raum, 19.00h
Duration: 11 Sep25 Oct
Gruppenfoto der Nominierten / group photo of the nominees Foto / Photo: David von Becker
On 10 September 2015 the Shortlist-Exhibition of the Preis der Nationalgalerie will open at Hamburger Bahnhof. The four young artistic positions that are to be seen in the Shortlist-Exhibition have been selected via a first jury, and will present themselves with this joint exhibition to a second jury (Bernard Blistène, director of the Centre Pompidou, Paris; Manuel Borja-Villel, director of the Museo Reina Sofía, Madrid; Elena Filipovic, director of the...
Hamburger Bahnhof, 20.00h
Duration: 11 Sep17 Jan

Friday, 11 Sep

Reasonable Doubt
Solo show with works by Maximilian Arnold.
special abc opening until 21h on September 16
DUVE Berlin, 18.00h
Duration: 11 Sep30 Oct
Jay Gard - Wrong History
An exhibition with works by Jay Gard.
Sexauer Gallery, 18.00h
Duration: 11 Sep10 Oct
Papi's Pistole no 5, 2012, Tobias Sternberg
Next to his virtuous big sisters Figuration and Documentation, and with a hand in the pocket of his sincere older brother Abstraction, stands the cheeky little brat Distortion, already planning his next mischief. He is usually late for family gatherings, never getting the attention he feels he deserves, but on the other hand he also skips out on boring lectures and seminars about form and intention. His thing is much more to collect the old stubs after...
HilbertRaum, 18.00h
Duration: 11 Sep20 Sep
Paul McCarthy, Horizontal, 2012 Courtesy Paul McCarthy and Hauser & Wirth  Foto / Photo: Fredrik Nilsen
Exhibition with works by Paul McCarthy.
Schinkel Pavillon, 18.00h
Duration: 12 Sep15 Nov
Presented by Lodown Magazine editors Sven Fortmann and Renko Heuer, tonight’s event takes a closer look at mid­nineties skateboard culture – both from NYC (“Eastern Exposure 3”) and the more jazz­influenced streets of San Francisco (Stereo’s “Tincan Folklore”). Complete with a few clips from mid­nineties Berlin, guests can look forward to a hearty selection of classic foods both from Berlin and the US.
ZK/U Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik, 19.00h

Saturday, 12 Sep

Adel Abidin | Lene Adler-Petersen | Nevin Aladağ | Halil Altındere | Maja Bajević | Rosa Barba | Christian Boltanski | Elina Brotherus | Olga Chernyszewa | Sunah Choi | A K Dolven | Braco Dimitrijević | Ayşe Erkmen | VALIE EXPORT | Mona Hatoum | Pravdoliub Ivanov | Sanja Iveković | Alfredo Jaar | Šejla Kamerić | Gülsün Karamustafa | Jarosław Kozłowski | Daniel Knorr | Kim Sooja | Alicja Kwade | Cildo Meireles | Maurizio Nannucci | Bjørn Nørgaard | Şener...
Edition Block, 11.00h
Duration: 12 Sep13 Feb
An exhibition with works by KNUT ECKSTEIN
vincenz sala paris|berlin, 19.00h
Duration: 12 Sep10 Oct
From the "Safe and Sound Poster Series", 2015  Image processed by Shan Blume
For her solo show at Grimmuseum, Alona Rodeh is presenting the fourth and final episode of her exhibition series Safe and Sound. After her large-scale sculpture, sound and light installation at Künstlerhaus Bethanien (Berlin, 2014), at Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art (Israel, 2014) and currently at Petach Tikva Museum of Art (Israel, 2015), the last episode at Grimmuseum remains more abstract and fragmentary, dealing with the relatively domestic...
Grimmuseum, 19.00h
Duration: 13 Sep17 Oct

Sunday, 13 Sep

Gütermarkt #12
The Gütermarkt is a market in which crafts, DIY and the usual flea market merge together in a hybrid market.
What you can do:
• Rent a flea market booth and sell your personal favorite junk! (Registration at
• artisans offer their professional skills to repair things or ennoble cloths, jewellery, oder electronic devices
• Hello Kids! Bring a blanket and exchang or sell your Pokemon cards and LiIlifee Horses...
ZK/U Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik, 12.00h

The Week After Next

Tuesday, 15 Sep

Sol Calero  Installation im „Büro für widersprüchliche Beziehungen / „Redemption Jokes PART1“, nGbK 2015 / performance, installation in “Büro für widersprüchliche Beziehungen / Redemption Jokes PART1”, nGbK 2015 Foto / Photo: Emma Haugh
Oreet Ashery, Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, Dolanbay, Amit Epstein, Grit Hachmeister & Claudia Gülzow, Wilhelm Klotzek, Donna Kukama, Bjørn Melhus, Falke Pisano, Studio Spektral and Liam O’Callaghan
"There is one great misunderstanding. We like to think that a deep, profound analysis requires being very serious. Humor is considered to be its very opposite, revealing the superficial side of things. And especially humor that leads to laughter, this...
Neue Gesellschaft für bildende Kunst (nGbK) , 18.00h
Duration: 15 Sep15 Nov
Joseph Beuys, René Block, Aufbau der  Ausstellung „Ja, jetzt brechen wir hier den  Scheiß ab“, Galerie René Block, Berlin, 1979 /  installation of the exhibition “Ja, jetzt brechen  wir hier den Scheiß ab”, Galerie René Block,  Berlin, 1979  Foto / Photo: Christiane Hartmann
Withdrawal and protest have been, for decades, dominating the artistic practice of Gustav Metzger (b. 1926 in Nuremberg, living in London). The great aim of his work is profound social change. For his solo exhibition at Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, Metzger is planning the presentation of his work Mass Media – Today and Yesterday (1972/2015). This work, which Metzger has been continuously updating since 1972, consists of pallets with stacks of hundreds of...
Neuer Berliner Kunstverein (n.b.k.), 18.00h
Duration: 16 Sep22 Jan
Aydan Murtezaoglu, At Room Temperature,  2000-2003  Sammlung Block, Leihgabe im Neuen Museum
With „Ich kenne kein Weekend. The Archive and Collection of René Block” Neuer Berliner Kunstverein (n.b.k.), in partnership with Berlinische Galerie and Lentos Kunstmuseum in Linz, is dedicating a show to the manifold and interdisciplinary work of gallery owner and exhibition maker René Block. Block’s career began in 1964 in West Berlin, where he opened his gallery with the legendary show Neodada, Pop, Décollage, Kapitalistischer Realismus, presenting at...
Neuer Berliner Kunstverein (n.b.k.), 18.00h
Duration: 16 Sep24 Jan
Allan Kaprow, Fluids, 1967 Courtesy of Allan Kaprow Estate and Hauser  & Wirth © Foto / Photo: Julian Wasser
As part of the cooperation project STADT/BILD Nationalgalerie will be showing "Allan Kaprow: Fluids, 1967/2015". "Fluids" were created in various, publicly accessible sites in Los Angeles And Pasadena. During these legendary happenings, Kaprow, with the help of several volunteers, erected structures around 9 by 3 meters in size using large blocks of ice. After being built, they were left to their own devices. Berlin-based artists (Olivier Guesselé-Garai,...
Neue Nationalgalerie, 18.00h
Duration: 16 Sep19 Sep
STADT/BILD (Image of a city). Welcome to the Jungle
Stadt/Bild is a cooperation of Berlinische Galerie, Deutsche Bank KunstHalle, KW Institute for Contemporary Art and Nationalgalerie — Staatliche Museen zu Berlin
The "jungle" at the heart of the group exhibition serves as a desired imaginary space, symbolizing the subconscious, potentially dangerous counterpart of the controlled urban environment. International and Berlin-based artists investigate ideas of the self and the other, and together draw a...
KW Institute for Contemporary Art, 18.00h
Duration: 16 Sep15 Nov
René Block im Büro mit Plakat Hommage à Berlin, 1969, Foto: KP Brehmer / KP Brehmer Nachlass, Berlin
With Ich kenne kein Weekend. The Archive and Collection of René Block Neuer Berliner Kunstverein (n.b.k.), in partnership with Berlinische Galerie and Lentos Kunstmuseum in Linz, is dedicating a show to the manifold and interdisciplinary work of gallery owner and exhibition maker René Block. Block’s career began in 1964 in West Berlin, where he opened his gallery with the legendary show Neodada, Pop, Décollage, Kapitalistischer Realismus, presenting at...
Berlinische Galerie – Museum of Modern Art, 18.00h
Duration: 16 Sep15 Feb
Brandlhuber+ Hertweck, Mayfried, Dialogic  City 2, 2014 © Dialogic City
Stadt/Bild (Image of a City) is a cooperation of Berlinische Galerie, Deutsche Bank KunstHalle, KW Institute for Contemporary Art and Nationalgalerie — Staatliche Museen zu Berlin.
STADT/BILD (Image of a City), the project approaches the notion of “the city” as thematic cluster from various perspectives. The institutional structure and work processes of museums will be examined, urban developments will be addressed, as well as social, aesthetic, and...
Berlinische Galerie – Museum of Modern Art, 18.00h
Duration: 16 Sep21 Mar
Laurence Bonvin: aus der Reihe Blikkiesdorp, 2009 © Courtesy the artist
Stadt/Bild is a cooperation of Berlinische Galerie, Deutsche Bank KunstHalle, KW Institute for Contemporary Art and Nationalgalerie — Staatliche Museen zu Berlin
The world’s capital cities share the fact that they truly belong to no one. They are free zones: xenopoleis. Historically, a capital has always been the place where a given nation shows its identity, an identity composed of all its regions and provinces. The customs and traditions handed down by...
Deutsche Bank KunstHalle, 18.00h
Duration: 16 Sep8 Nov
An exhibition with works by Clémence de La Tour du Pin & Antoine Renard.
L'atelier-ksr, 19.00h
Duration: 12 Sep17 Oct
PICTURE WINDOW Series #3 Bettina Khano - SPLINTERS
Splinters are un-works. They emanate abruptly from an ensemble and their appearance is as unpredictable as their effect. They are fragments that freeze the gaze in the shape of own instantaneousness. Splinters arise from the materiality of their origins to then translate themselves into uncertainty over and over again.
Duration: 15 Sep22 Sep

Wednesday, 16 Sep

 Francesco Pedraglio, 13 Heavens and 9 Underworlds, 2015 ∏ Courtesy of the artist
This is the fourth time that the Olbricht Foundation has invited young curators to develop their own ideas and perspectives on the Olbricht Collection, and to curate a show for me Collectors Room Berlin. The exhibition and the publication accompanying it are the product of a collaboration between the Olbricht Foundation with the London Metropolitan University and the Whitechapel Gallery.  Previous exhibitions in the series have probed the uncanny, the act...
me collectors room / STIFTUNG OLBRICHT, 12.00h
Duration: 16 Sep15 Nov
Cindy Sherman, Untitled # 96, 1981  © Courtesy of the artist and Metro Pictures, New York
The exhibition features some 60 photographs by Cindy Sherman and, due to its scope, amounts to a compact retrospective.  Containing works from all periods in her long career, the Olbricht Collection provides a remarkable overview of the entire body of work of one of the most important photographers alive today.  Cindy Sherman, now 61, has created an unmistakable and seminal body of work that broke new ground in photography. Her artistic legacy is one of...
me collectors room / STIFTUNG OLBRICHT, 12.00h
Duration: 16 Sep10 Apr
Group show with works by Erik Bünger, John Cale, Brendan Howell, Chris Marker, Julien Prévieux, Suzanne Treister, !Mediengruppe Bitnik.
EIGEN + ART Lab, 16.00h
Duration: 16 Sep24 Oct
Opening of KANYA BERLIN with an exhibition with works by Simon Schubert​.
Duration: 16 Sep8 Nov
Solo presentation of works by Jörg Herold.
Galerie EIGEN + ART Berlin, 17.00h
Duration: 16 Sep24 Oct
Marinella Senatore
Marinella Senatore has used the medium of film to build communities consisting of tens of thousands of volunteers from around the world. After studying under Fellini’s cinematographer in Rome, Senatore exploited the potential of cinematic production to bring divergent groups of people together towards a common goal of making a movie. Though Senatore’s complex social practice sometimes engages thousands of volunteers for a single film, this aspect of...
Peres Projects, 18.00h
Duration: 16 Sep7 Nov
Gala at Galerie Burster
11 students (Kristin Albrecht, Benjamin Althammer, Anna Benini, Lorraine Durgeloh, Maxie Heiner, Elena Kaludova, Josef Maaß, Aron Rauschhardt, Götz Schramm, Janina Schütz, Nils Vogt) + 6 lecturers (Else Gabriel, Thaddäus Hüppi, H.H., Werner Liebmann, Dirk Peuker, Ralf Schmitt) of weißensee kunsthochschule berlin. Introduction by Björn Melhus on 16.09
- Saturday 19.09 14.00h Year scholarship award: "…wie la Romana Preis“ at galerie burster
- Thursday 01....
galerie burster, 18.00h
Duration: 17 Sep17 Oct
An exhibition with works by Dominik Steiner
Cruise & Callas, 18.00h
Duration: 17 Sep31 Oct
Wallwork#16 - Panic
For the latest intervention in the Foyer of L40 russian born Anatoly Shuravlev appropriates one of the key scenes of American western and action films  - the shootout - and transfers it into an urban context. Closely linked to earlier shooting works the video confronts the unsuspecting audience with a portrait of the artist as a trigger-happy action figure.
L40, 19.00h
Duration: 17 Sep31 Oct

Thursday, 17 Sep

Art Fair
koal at abc - art berlin contemporary 2015
Solo presentation by JEANNO GAUSSI
abc art berlin contemporary, 16.00h
Duration: 17 Sep20 Sep
abc — art berlin contemporary 2015
Art Fair
With around 100 participating galleries, abc art berlin contemporary will be exhibiting in the halls of Station Berlin at Gleisdreieck from 17 to 20 September. The galleries will be showing individual positions in contemporary art – from established artists to emerging newcomers.
abc - gallery night: On Wednesday night before the start of abc, the participating galleries will present their gallery openings, including shows of work by artists such as...
abc art berlin contemporary, 16.00h
Duration: 17 Sep20 Sep
Art Fair
From 17–20 September 2015, POSITIONS BERLIN ART FAIR will present once again this year select international galleries that show their most striking contemporary positions in the framework of Berlin Art Week. With 60 exhibitors from 13 countries, POSITIONS BERLIN expands the spectrum of already existing formats in Berlin. In a widely varied auxiliary programme, the fair at Arena Berlin will also included a curated video show, special exhibitions, prize...
Positions Berlin - Art Fair, 18.00h
Duration: 17 Sep20 Sep
Art Fair
Presentation of Anke Becker ECONOMIC WORDS and Malgorzata Malwina Niespodziewana COMIC WHITE/BLACK HARIBO
Duration: 17 Sep20 Sep
Art Fair
Solo presentation of works by Lada Nakonechna.
abc art berlin contemporary, 18.00h
Duration: 17 Sep20 Sep
Contemporary Art ≠ Art Now.
Contemporary art is a brand name without a brand, ready to be slapped onto almost anything, a quick face-lift touting the new creative imperative for places in need of an extreme makeover... -Hito Steyerl
Artists: Editions by Jeff Koons for Lady Gaga, Guyton/ Walker, BURNRATE, Michael Majerus, General Idea, Peter Saville, Fiorucci, ADIDAS, Verner Panton for IKEA, Patrick Nagel, Space...
BURNRATE, 19.00h
Duration: 17 Sep27 Oct
No Food For Lazy Man exhibition explores migration to Europe from Sub-Saharan Africa, using references associated with food and restaurants found in Sub-Saharan Africa in relation to the European realities. The works for the exhibition are inspired by lines from popular bumper stickers on buses, signs and quotes found in restaurants across Sub-Saharan Africa, especially Lagos Nigeria, and the general philosophies of African immigrants living in Europe as...
Galerie Wedding, 19.00h
Duration: 18 Sep31 Oct
 can't hug every cat
An exhibition with works by Florian Baudrexel, Dani Jakob, Manuela Leinhoß, Roman Liška, Florian Schmidt, Alexander Wolff, Michaela Zimmer.
Opening hours:
Friday-Saturday 15:00 - 20:00h
Sunday 12:00 - 18:00h
Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien, 19.00h
Duration: 18 Sep20 Sep

Friday, 18 Sep

13.) Panel Discussions by Talking Galleries
Panel talks
Panel 1: The Added Value of Working Alongside a Gallery
18.09., 11 - 12:30h
Moderation: Chris Dercon
The role of the gallery is not only determined by the market but is also related to the introduction of cultural products into the commercial sphere. The process of mediation that the gallery has carried out since its origins has changed. It has moved on from reading the established codes and narratives to creating interpretative spaces, generating codes...
abc art berlin contemporary, 11.00h
Duration: 18 Sep19 Sep
A project by Amal Alhaag and Maria Guggenbichler (Side Room)
Opening hours:
Fri 15:00 - 21:00h
Sat - Sun 12:00-18:00h
District Berlin, 15.00h
Duration: 18 Sep20 Sep
Project Space xChange Festival.
An exhibition with works by Carmen Loch, Marco Montiel-Soto and Cristina Moreno García in collaboration with Erratum Galerie for the Project Space xChange Festival.
Vesselroom Project, 15.00h
Duration: 19 Sep20 Sep
Stendhal Labor*
Under the title Stendhal Labor,* performance artist Carmen Loch invites to the overstimulated art audience of Berlin Art Week 2015 to a performative oasis. The various light situations of the spaces, Erratum’s basement-like space, and Vesselroom Project with its bright terrace, serve as the starting point for various artistic interventions.
Erratum, 17.00h
Solo show by Fiona Mackay
Klemm's, 18.00h
Duration: 18 Sep31 Oct
Alicja Kwade, Theoretisches Gebilde I, 2015 Courtesy of Alicja Kwade and KÖNIG GALERIE Foto / Photo: Roman März, The ekard collection
For more than a decade the artist Alicja Kwade (b. 1979, Katowice/Poland) has probed questions of astrophysics and philosophy in her sculptural work. Employing simple means, she seeks to uncover several layers of reality: two branches stand in a corner.
Various precious metals are stacked on the floor, like statistics blocks. Boulders and rocks flood into the exhibition space. But can nature produce two identical branches? Is the metal’s value today the...
Haus am Waldsee, 18.30h
Duration: 19 Sep22 Nov
In mid of April, the raumlaborberlin emigrated to that small village in south France named “Saint Cirque la Popie”. A group of 15 people and 5 children is working on developing the city of the future. But “Lotville” is not just “Science Fiction”. The valley of Lot has a 10.000 year old history of civilisation. There are crusader castles and an abandoned railway. Only last year over 600.000 touristes came to the small village to visit that cultural...
ZK/U Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik, 19.00h
Invited artists: Laurence Bonvin, Moritz Hirsch, Alicja Kwade, Ingeborg Lüscher, Fabian Rockenfeller, Ricarda Roggan, Michael Sailstorfer, Florian Slotawa, Henrik Strömberg, Tears for Fears.
Haus am Lützowplatz, 19.00h
Duration: 19 Sep8 Nov
An exhibition with works by Anne Brannys and Harriet Groß
Galerie Axel Obiger, 19.00h
Duration: 19 Sep10 Oct
Paul Kneale, SEO & Co, 2015, Still  (closeup of microwaved CD)  Copyright Import Projects
„There looms, within abjection, one of those violent, dark revolts of being, directed against a threat that seems to emanate from an exorbitant outside or inside, ejected beyond the scope of the possible, the tolerable, the thinkable.“ The works in this exhibition interrogate our contemporary technologically mediated experience from the outset of its obscured materially embodied ground. They stage material uncertainty and palpable fragility to break...
Import Projects, 19.00h
Duration: 19 Sep24 Oct

Saturday, 19 Sep

Lutz Dammbeck. Overgames
Discussion, Screening
Discussion and Screening - Lutz Dammbeck
Akademie der Künste, 19.00h
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