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Friday, 22 Jul

Tracey Snelling
Every day, huge apartment buildings grow seemingly overnight in cities that appear to be outgrowing themselves. In Beijing, as blocks of hutangs are torn down to make way for new skyscrapers, massive apartment complexes further out from the city are built to house the workers that are misplaced. These apartments become run down due to shoddy material and building practices, are sometimes dangerous places to reside, and are often packed to the brim with...
HilbertRaum, 18.00h
Duration: 22 Jul31 Jul
22/07 – 30/07 Thomas Brüggemann | Hans-Martin Asch
04/08 – 13/08 Henning Kappenberg | Thomas Brüggemann
18/08 – 27/08 Hans-Martin Asch | Henning Kappenberg
Artist talk 05/08 | 7pm
Finissage 27/08 | 7pm
Galerie Axel Obiger, 19.00h
Duration: 22 Jul27 Aug

This Week

Monday, 25 Jul

reSense.MOV is a festival debating current questions of the intersections of motion, sensing, performance and technologies in art and sciences, curated by Byrke Lou and Marcello Lussana in collaboration with SPEKTRUM. The International Metabody Forum 2016 Berlin coordinated by Jaime del Val is part of the festival. Throughout the week there will be workshops and performances, with a conference taking place on the last day, Sunday 31 July.
SPEKTRUM | art science community, 14.00h
Duration: 25 Jul31 Jul

Thursday, 28 Jul

It was the invention of the contemporary Internet in 1989 that marked the beginning of a now never ending evolution of the human condition now called accelerationism. Today it is hard to see ourselves as a separate entity from technology; we consider it a part of us, we’ve assimilated, we’ve unified and it’s been integrated. We have finally figured out a way to live in the anthropocene, but at what cost? We’re Having a Great Time J :-) explores the...
Duration: 29 Jul3 Sep

Friday, 29 Jul

Saas Fee Summer Institute of Art
Presentation: 29.7., 19h
L40, 19.00h
Duration: 26 Jul29 Jul
 © Katinka Theis, Resonating of space, 2016, Installation detail, wood paintes, variable dimensions
For her show at Scotty Enterprises Katinka Theis created an installation that extends akin to the phenomenon of how sound spreads out in space, and that thus becomes space itself.
Each element of the installation refers to monumental architecture and landforms and yet manifests itself into independent and abstract structures in space by relating to one another. Such as the formation recalling somewhat a mountain landscape does, when transforming into a...
Scotty Enterprises, 19.00h
Duration: 30 Jul13 Aug

Saturday, 30 Jul

By Jonathan Reus and Sissel Marie Tonn
The focus of the workshop is on the "inner movement" of the body, flows which function autonomically just outside the direct reach of conscious agency. While we are not directly in control of such movements, they are nonetheless in a constant conversation with the surrounding environment and with the physiological life of the body material. To detect & aestheticize these flows we will use worn biometric sensors...
SPEKTRUM | art science community, 10.00h

Next Week

Friday, 5 Aug

Final show for the PICTURE BERLIN Summer residents in the Summer Session 2016, curated by Peggy Sue Amison.
PICTURE BERLIN, founded in 2009, is a not for profit artist-initiated hybrid residency/art academy. The show summarizes the work that the residents have been doing through the 7 week residency program in Berlin.
Artists Names Cali D. Kurlan, Caroline Goessling, Siying Zhou, Brooke Goldman, Sarah Moore, Megan Gorham, Abigail...
MEINBLAU project space, 19.00h
Duration: 6 Aug9 Aug

The Week After Next

Friday, 12 Aug

uqbar wird vom 12. bis zum 28. August die Ausstellung (Para)Matters of Perception mit den KünslterInnen Lidija Delić, Isidora Krstić, Nina Ivanović, Iva Kuzmanović,
Marija Ševic, Sava Knežević und Nemanja Nikolić zeigen, mit der sich der Projektraum U 10 aus Belgrad in Berlin präsentiert.
uqbar, 19.00h
Duration: 13 Aug28 Aug
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