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Thursday, 26 Nov

OPENHAUS with Matthias Eliasson, Byungseo Yoo, Stine Gonsholt, Johna Hansen, Verónica Troncoso, Olya Zarapina, Charlotte Åberg
ZK/U Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik, 18.30h
Soso Dumbadze. Die Parallele (Videostill), 2014
Attitudes. Stipendiaries of Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation. Curated by Marcel Odenbach and Beate Eckstein

Artists invited: Yevgenia Belorusets, Elena Dormeier, Soso Dumbadze, Sarah Held, Franziska Kabisch, Marie Kirchner, Thanh Long, Mariam Mekiwi, René Patzwaldt, Laura Popplow, Neda Saeedi, Jana Kerima Stolzer.
Haus am Lützowplatz, 19.00h
Duration: 27 Nov10 Jan

Friday, 27 Nov

Breaking the Waves and Drawing a Line
An exhibition of works by Alex Lebus
EIGEN + ART Lab, 17.00h
Duration: 27 Nov19 Dec
Book release and Film Screening
Book release and Film Screening.
Exhibition curated by : Alireza Labeshka
ZK/U Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik, 18.00h
Stills extracted from the video work “The Five Senes” (2007) by Brian Tennessee Claflin and Greta Frau. © 2007, Greta Frau & The Estate of Brian Tennessee Claflin
SomoS is pleased to present a solo exhibition of Brian Tennessee Claflin and Greta Frau.
The Five Senses assumes the hybrid form of a five-channel video installation crossed with (studio) performance, featuring a young Claflin, filmed against a bare white wall, invoking the five Aristotelian senses in five performances each lasting about five minutes: hearing, scent, touch, taste, and seeing. It is an evocative and moving foray into the very core of...
SomoS, 18.00h
Duration: 28 Nov19 Dec
Ornella Fieres
Ornella Fieres toys with our senses and wits. The artist takes analogue and digital photographs. She takes photos of reality and of images. Images that she paints using the computer programme Photoshop and images that become visible on screens. Some of the photographed images resemble reality. Others are loose image inventions. We can never be sure what it is that we are seeing. This not-knowing relates to the images themselves as well as the depicted....
Sexauer Gallery, 18.00h
Duration: 28 Nov9 Jan
Tom McGlynn, Survey 55, Acrylic gouache on wood panel, 48x36", 2014
The exhibition Strange Children is a tribute to Ana Maria Matute (*1925 †2014), considered to be one of the foremost novelists of the Spanish postwar literature.
The curator, Holger Stark, who has been continuously inspired by Matute’s books, puts together for this show works of  four artists, in which he senses a similar atmosphere to the one the writer created in her novels.
Duration: 28 Nov31 Dec
There is tiresome, but attractive
In her exhibition "There is tiresome, but attractive" Diana Artus presents the results of her three-month artist residency in Seoul in spring 2015. Recurring themes in the artist's work are the interdependency between city and mood as well as the possibilities of a psychogeographic reading and narration of urban structures. This time her research was inspired by the theories of South Korean philosopher Byung-Chul Han, who referred to his country as a "...
uqbar, 19.00h
Duration: 28 Nov10 Jan

Sunday, 29 Nov

Uncivilisation at Die Raum
An exhibition with works by Love Enqvist.
die raum, 15.00h
Duration: 30 Nov10 Jan

This Week

Friday, 4 Dec

An exhibition with works by Howard Katz and guests.
HilbertRaum, 18.00h
Duration: 5 Dec13 Dec
7hours FClub rvsp only (030 234 90 675)
7Hours Haus 19, 19.00h
An exhibition with works by BURNRATE artists. 
BURNRATE, 19.00h
Duration: 4 Dec21 Dec

Next Week

Tuesday, 8 Dec

An exhibition wih works by Mario de Vega.
MEINBLAU project space, 19.00h
Duration: 9 Dec20 Dec

Thursday, 10 Dec

An exhibition with wrks by Yasmin Alt, Maria Bajt, Sebastian Biskup, Stefanie Bühler, Andy Holtin, Matthew Kenyon, Galo Moncayo and Danielle Mysliwiec.
Duration: 11 Dec23 Jan
Jens Wolf - Wallwork # 17
For the 17th edition of  Wallworks Jens Wolf was invited to generate a room filling painting from the matrix of the Pattern Boards he’s been meticulously developping for more than 10 years. It will be a rare occassion to see a blown-up version of his stylish neo-geo abstractions which are usually produced within a strictly defined set of formats.
L40, 19.00h
Duration: 11 Dec28 Feb
Nadia Lichtig - Gossip as Testimony
Nadia Lichtig will converse with authors from her growing archive of voices. The vocal performance – at once concert, lecture and dialog – loops, superimposes and combines a variety of feminist texts in a radical subjectiv way, relating in a non linear way traditional sources of knowledge to vernacular forms of expression. Drawings from the artist - in fact notations for the performance - will be shown simultaneously.
L40, 20.00h
Duration: 11 Dec19 Dec

Friday, 11 Dec

Artists: Heather Allen and Katrin Hoffert
Galerie Axel Obiger, 19.00h
Duration: 12 Dec9 Jan
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