This Week

This Week

Tuesday, 16 Apr

with Hanae Morena, Luiza Schiavo, Ioanna Natsikou, Ileana Pascalau and Moran Sanderovich
Female self images, real or imagined, and the female gaze on other females are presented “Bodily,” a group exhibition that presents the work of a selection of international Berlin-based artists, Ioanna Natsikou (photography), Luiza Schiavo (painting), Moran Sanderovich (sculpture, photography), Ileana Pascalau (drawing) and Hanae Moreno (painting). Female interiority...
SomoS, 18.00h
Duration: 16 Apr20 Apr

Wednesday, 17 Apr

Representative of the alliance "Tribunal for solving NSU-Komplex" and Ulf Aminde, Mahnmal Keupstraße, Initiative "Herkesin Meydanı - Platz für alle“
*Special Location: Neue Nachbarschaft / Moabit e. V. , Beusselstraße 26, 10553 Berlin
Event in the context of Global National at Haus am Lützow Platz
Neue Nachbarschaft / Moabit e. V., 19.00h

Thursday, 18 Apr

with Jinran Ha, Hansol Kim, Magnus Krüger
uqbar, 19.00h
Duration: 19 Apr26 May

Friday, 19 Apr

In a dialogue exhibition, Juliane Duda and Martin Dörbaum present photo-graphic works.
Juliane Duda's latest series “Sechs Zentrale Motive” also deals with THE Kurhaus in Ahrenshoop. From the 1970s onwards, a ‘beach pearl’ in the centre of trade union-generated mass tourism, it stood empty and disappeared in this millennium. The representative modern construction was comfortable-transparent and also an expression of progressive future certainty. Its...
Axel Obiger, 19.00h
Duration: 20 Apr18 May

Next Week

Tuesday, 23 Apr

with Lisa Braun / Raphael Dembele / Zonatan Dembele / Ferdinand Dölberg / Milan Dölberg / Fabian Hub / Magnus Krüger / Yannick Riemer / Greta Wildhage
From October 2018 to January 2019, within the framework of the Artist-In-Residence program held annually at Operndorf Afrika, artists from Berlin and Bamako have worked together in order to produce artworks engaging with different types of art medias, such as painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, film...
Wiensowski & Harbord Bunker, 19.00h
Duration: 23 Apr5 May

Wednesday, 24 Apr

EIGEN + ART Lab, 17.00h
Duration: 25 Apr15 Jun

Thursday, 25 Apr

"Generation Lost," is a solo exhibition by Christe MacDonald in which the French-born Berlin-based painter/printmaker processes the memory of her recent journeys around Southeast Asia.
The visual diary that she kept during this time, documenting colors, composition or random details, served her in creating a new cycle of works during her time as Artist-in Residence at SomoS in Berlin. Working with sourced images, set and setting play an important role in...
SomoS, 18.00h
Duration: 25 Apr8 May

Friday, 26 Apr

On occasion of the Gallery Weekend 2019, Galerie EIGEN + ART Berlin is presenting a solo show by Martin Eder. Martin Eder is known for his polarising combination of eccentric subjects and artistry in the style of the old masters. In the upcoming exhibition “DYSTOPIA”, he is showing new paintings that balance between a hyperrealistic imposition and a forced aesthetic of ugliness. The philosophical understanding of the term “Dystopia” depicts a pessimistic...
Galerie EIGEN + ART Berlin, 17.00h
Duration: 26 Apr1 Jun
with Eva Funk, Lucia Kempkes, Niccolo Moronato
Display, 18.00h
Duration: 26 Apr29 Sep
By and with: Walid Raad / Technical Direction: Herman Sorgeloos / Project Management: Celesta Rottiers
in HAU 1 / Following Dates: 26.4, 9pm / 27.4, 7pm + 9pm / 28.4., 7pm + 9pm / 29.4., 7pm + 9pm
Duration: 60 min.
Culture and violence are at the heart of the artistic universe of Walid Raad. In “Les Louvres and/or Kicking the Dead,” co-produced by HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Raad takes visitors on a visit of his own exhibition installed in the theatre. Raad...
HAU - Hebbel am Ufer, 19.00h
Duration: 26 Apr29 Apr

Saturday, 27 Apr

installation on Almstadt-/Rosa-Luxemburg-Str
L40, 14.00h
Duration: 27 Apr2 Jun

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