May 2014

  • by Adela Lovric, 29 May 2014
    It's been a week since I visited the "David Bowie" exhibition at Martin Gropius Bau and I'm still mumbling refrains from "Starman", "Space Oddity",  "Man Who Sold the World"... My flatmate warns gently me about it, commenting how I must have been deeply impressed by...
  • by Adela Lovric, 28 May 2014
    This week should feel like heaven for the art lovers, and not only for the tourists not used to Berlin's dynamic. Luckily, most of us are free of work on Thursday, so we can relax and celebrate Biennale, Tempelhof, sunny weather, our editor's birthday, Kimye wedding, and whatever else there is to happily down...
  • by Adela Lovric, 27 May 2014
    All hail to the wonders of technology! You will hardly ever hear that from me, but I do admit if something leaves me thinking: why did nobody come up with this before? How did we manage to live without this for so long? Let me introduce you to one of such seemingly simple inventions that make life as smooth as David...
  • by bpigs team, 26 May 2014
    From a celebrity show to a friend-of-a-friend's show - last week started off spectacular and retained its glitter until the very end. 
  • by Adela Lovric, 21 May 2014
    Much like the weather forecast, our list of events for this week is a bit different than usual, and slightly unpredictable towards the end of the week. There are opportunities to indulge in various art and party forms, as well as to show your best self and give help to those who need it. WEDNESDAY 21.05 20.00 David...
  • by bpigs team, 19 May 2014
    The November-December issue is out! See who is on the cover-- The Bpigs bimonthly information guide hosts works by selected Berlin based artists.
  • by bpigs team, 19 May 2014
    Last week we talked our way into a prestige conference, discovered the fun potential of the rising scene at Leipziger Strasse, and fell in love with a recently opened gallery in Kreuzberg. 
  • by Adela Lovric, 15 May 2014
    Berlin's regular partygoers probably know Markus Manowski as Daze Maxim, the Berlin-based musician, producer, and performer in the field of electronic music. You can often see this name on the pages of Resident Advisor, in the line-ups of various club nights. Recently it became more likely for Markus' name to...
  • by Adela Lovric, 14 May 2014
    Nevermind the art fair giants of New York and Hong Kong; here is what you should not miss this week in Berlin.  THURSDAY 15.05 19.00 Anonymous Drawings #3 WHY: The project presents 300 drawings by Berlin-based artist, collected through an open call. The selections were chosen anonymously, without...
  • by bpigs team, 12 May 2014
    What did we not miss while the Eurovision was way more popular than any other event worldwide, and especially in Berlin. 
  • by Adela Lovric, 7 May 2014
    The huge Gallery Weekend fuss is (finally) over; some are already nostalgic, others relieved. It still does not mean that all of the galleries in Berlin took a break. On the contrary: there are still places to go, things to see, people to meet! THURSDAY 08.05 19.00 Anonymous Drawings Project WHY: The project...
  • by Sarah Brophy, 6 May 2014
    I had heard about Berlin’s Gallery Weekend through my art classes pretty early on in my trip, and had collected multiple gold-foiled advertisements I had seen lying on the desks of galleries, so I was always aware that it would be something I would get to experience during my time here. I figured it would...
  • by Sarah Brophy, 5 May 2014
    On Friday May 2nd, KIK opened its second show, “An die Freunde”, curated by Anna Erickson. We met with the creators to discuss the KIK 2 project and a lively conversation ensued, covering everything from the difficulties brought on by stiletto heels and co-curator diva moments, to the past, present, and...
  • by bpigs team, 5 May 2014
    Happy tenth birthday dear Gallery Weekend, and thank you for a great ride! The weekend left us exhausted and hungover, with lots of stories and impressions to share.
  • by Sarah Brophy, 2 May 2014
    Complete with installation, wall painting, sculpture, and even performance, Christopher Kline’s show O.K. takes a multimedia look at the history and culture of his hometown Kinderhook, New York. Kinderhook is rich with folklore and cultural history, staking its claim as the site of origin for The Legend of...
  • by Adela Lovric, 1 May 2014
    Gallery Weekend just turned ten! I won't hide the excitement and enormous expectations I had at the yesterday's press converence and the gallery tour. The organisation (this year with Maike Cruse in charge) made it more fancy and intimate, inviting relevant press to Pauly Saal. No lunchboxes, no firecrackers;...

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