April 2012

  • by Clémence de la Tour du Pin, 28 Apr 2012
  • by Rachel Simkover, 22 Apr 2012
    Berlin in Köln: Art Cologne Part 2; Kim Fowley in death tour concert- (with Snow Mercy) -Berlin in Berlin:  Kleine Humbuld Gallerie, Schau Fenster and... Berlin in Köln when I was taking this picture he was saying (to me): "imagine I am sticking this in your..." Kim Fowley and Snow...
  • by Despina Stokou, 19 Apr 2012
    (my) Virtual Collectors Buy List @Art Cologne 2012/ meine Imaginäre Kaufliste auf der Art Cologne If collecting is a virus- I think I got it. In an all in all very satisfying fair- these are the works I would not want to leave/live without. Total value of my imaginary first step into collecting: 200.000euro...
  • by Maria Santos, 17 Apr 2012
    In a little over a week, the long-expected and controversial 7th edition of Berlin Biennale will open its doors at KunstWerke, presumably adding more and more virtual pages of vivid criticism to the many that had already been written. Whenever I read the name of main curator Artur Żmijewski, it is always extremely...
  • by Rachel Simkover, 15 Apr 2012
    mobile pics... THURSDAY 12.03 Kirsten Palz - Sculpture as writing @ Grey Sheep   x   o @ Grimmuseum Post-Studio Tales @ District   Berlin Status (1) @ Künstlerhaus Bethanien   SATURDAY 14.03 Female Drum Fest @ Bei Roy
  • by Despina Stokou, 9 Apr 2012
    Berlin and its art scene have long past the age of no man’s land innocence- the city is growing, the art scene tries to find it’s pace. Growing pains and conflicts come with it. As a mental exercise for the upcoming bb and in celebration of Easter  I wanted to attempt a collective Berlin-Art Hate-o-...
  • by bpigs team, 5 Apr 2012
    Sam Belinfante & Simon Lewandowski: The Reversing Machine (A Theatre of Kairos and Chronos), Installation, 2012 In many ways,Art Laboratory Berlin is literally a Laboratory. This non-profit art-space, located in Wedding, focuses on cross-disciplinary artworks and creating discussions on the evolution of 21st...
  • by Rachel Simkover, 1 Apr 2012
    mobile pics... THURSDAY 29.03 Ryan Mosley @ Eigen + Art Lab     Yes, this year it's Documenta @ Kreuzberg Pavillion   FRIDAY 30.03 Mountainislandglacier Book Presentation @ Motto   Gravity, Money, Concrete, Fabric @ Galerie Suvi Lehtinen   CAMP! invites BOY LONDON @...

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