What Did I Miss/ What Did I Not Miss 28.11 - 30.11

Last week in a nutshell: sugar, spice and everything nice. The smell of Glühwein is taking over the city and openings are no exception. Take your hot cup of favorite winter drink to recreate the atmosphere and take a virtual stroll through the last week's events. 



Lomography Meets Lifesmyle // Photography meets Design @ Lomography Gallery Store

It had been a while since I last thought about lomography—about the same amount of time as it had been since I listened to a reggae remix of Rihanna. For better or worse, the Lomography Gallery Store met both my lomography and reggae remix quotas for the coming months. More store than gallery, we wandered through the knick-knacks and Instax cameras sipping fancy vodka-lime cocktails.

Even after circulating through the photography show, the store proved to be a novel source of amusement itself. +7 for unintentionally great installation pieces like the lamp-man. (N)



Sanatorium @ Momentum Worldwide

Lights! Camera! Poland! All three are apt descriptions of the opening of Sanatorium at Momentum Worldwide. In collaboration with TRAFO Art Center, Momentum Worldwide held quite the party to celebrate its process-based residency held in the gallery itself.

A camera crew milled around conducting interviews all night—everyone was a V.I.P., and the only thing that was missing was the red carpet. All the staples of a great bash were present: wine, cheese, chocolate, and—as the bottles of Merlot emptied—vodka shots.


Christoph Schlingensief @ KW 

As expected, the opening of Christoph Schligensief's exhibition was the event of the week, regardless of KW's popularity and the fact that a lot of people came there for socializing rather than the show. I got the impression of KW being a meeting point for the sake of meeting firstly because of how crowded it was outside around the Gluhwein bar, and secondly because someone approached to my friend pretending to be a total virgin in contemporary art and especially Schlingensief´s opus (+15 for the smooth operator). It was pretty much a mild Saturday night out going on in the courtyard, but inside it was a lot more engaged. And when I say engaged I mean...

...that you really had the chance to interfere in the exhibits - a lot of it was made for interaction. Every now and then someone braver / more curious would climb up to see what is in the box, meant to be seen only by one pair of eyes at a time.

You also had to have time to see the whole show, which I did not, but a glimpse on every piece and its description told me that I should definitely come back and pay more attention to it. 

Some pieces looked more inviting than others, such as the rotating "room" pictured above 

Some were weird  but wonderful - figuring out its elements was similar to figuring out fables and fairy tales - a lot of it simply does not make any sense but is amusing as it is

And a cherry on top - a rotating house of horrors and halucinatory wonders that you can actually climb on and explore. Trippy and positively insane (+30). Do not miss it!

Definitely a show to recommend; funny, smart and properly excessive. (A)

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