What Did I Miss/ What Did I Not Miss 04.07 - 07.07



Episode 2: Sabotage @ insitu

Sabotage awaited immediately at the entrance - a huge orange ball blocking the entrance caused some confusion (+13), until we realized the entrance is through the window, down the ladder. The rest of the exhibition wasn´t as exciting, maybe because of the high expectations we had while climbing down insecurely, hoping not to fall or get obviously tricked and embarrased...But the concept is still a fun one.


Foreign Affairs: Dirty Beaches + Friends @ Haus der Berliner Festspiele

The loungy Bornemann Bar at Haus de Berliner Festispiele seemed too posh and polished for this kind of event, with doormen and doorwomen taking a bit too much care about the guests. Although it was a free event and people made themselves comfortable by sitting/ lying on the floor, it was all too straight-edge for what I expect at concerts. One of the two acts was a really quiet, soothing sort of noise, the other was musically enhanced theatrical blabber in Spanish (apparently something love related - no surprises here) that was more of a performance than a musical act. The preaching guy with a leather jacket, sunglasses at night, a beer in one hand and microphone in the other gets +points for all the cool, but also the whole visual/ musical/ dramatical package was really worth seeing. Femminielli Noir is the name of the duo, go see them if you´ll have the chance.

+3 for the photobomber; happy to meet one when the rest literally run away on the sight of a camera

This one-man-band show was stronger than a sleeping pill, especially in a room full of pillows. A lot of yawning was seen and done. Too bad because the guy is quite talented, and the music quite nice.


FRIDAY 05.07


Das Gift might not be the best place to put up a group show since the gallery space is so small. There were some visually interesting pieces that really popped out at first sight, which was a bit discriminatory twards smaller and less saturated ones. But if the artists don´t mind,  it doesn´t need to be a bad thing. It looked well assembled and interesting as a whole. I was actually more bothered with too much people for the amount of square meters, which produced an unbearable tropical climate.



Connect Four: The Bet @ KW

This looked like a workshop until we were asked "Would you like to grow with us?", which meant making your own diagram of growth with the available materials and join the club with completely insane and shady objectives. +17 for a perfect imitiation of the sect crazies (and world dominators) that recruit people for their larger-than-life projects

There were a lot of fun diagram attempts; banana was among the popular ones

I heard the two performers repeatedly saying "I hate lucky ones" when they were actually saying "I did love you once". Or hopefully both; otherwise it is a bit alarming if you look at it as a psychological test.




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