What Did I Miss/ What Did I Not Miss 17.05-18.05

FRIDAY 17.05

Anish Kapoor @ Martin-Gropius-Bau

The press conference that preceded the opening wasn't so helpful to people who wanted to get some answers about the artist's work from the artist himself. Anish didn't bother much to provide those, like many others when they reach a point of success where they just sneer and answer with „I don't know“-s, and make curators sweat while trying to save the day. +9 for the curator's quick wits followed by wiping the forehead frequently.
Anish didn't mind revealing some of his oversized ego though, which made his oversized works much easier to understand.  (A)

-9 for the desperate press photographers switching the survival mode on; at some point they almost got into a fight over a spot for a photoshoot.  It might've become really messy because the guards were too busy with people getting too close to the exhibits and touching them, smelling, probably tasting as well  (A)

It was interesting to observe how suddenly everybody was 5 years old and Martin-Gropius-Bau became a chaotic playground.
+15 for the mirror installations and -5 for unimaginative people (including me) who only saw an opportunity for a new profile picture. (A)

There where a few things feeling odd in this event, bringing Fine Arts in dialogue with its spinster older sister, the Theatre. One of which was that in the performative scala (descending) you would first find the Gallerist, Judy Lybke, then the Artist-Rocker (Noise-Heavy Metal Maker) Martin Eder and right there at the buttom talking into his belly button the Actor, whatever his name was. Actually that does feel about right. +2
I don't know if I was ( and always will be) the only one expecting kind of a Face Off. This conversation tip toed on too politely. Yes, this is always a -5.
Both artists went the Dylan Mckay road. Oh- I - am - so- lazy-and bored- my- art - kind -of- happens. This is soooo 90s. In a bad way. -10
Martin Eder might look like a unhealthy mixture of truck driver- Boromir (he really does!)-route 66 rocker but talks/ moves like a boy. That is very refreshing at times. +5  (D)

Every gallery household has its little secrets and idiosyncrasies. I would not be surprised if these were scented.  (D)

Reits @ Schau Fenster

Not sure why, but Schau Fenster always has this feel-good energy that makes me like the show, even when I can't point a single work that I would like to carry home. I guess the people are what makes it a good place to be, and this opening was especially crowded (the more the merrier!). +7 for the relaxed summery atmosphere. (A)

Rue de Plaisance & Virassamy @ Zirkumflex

+11 for succeeding at making a party at the opening (there are so many sad attempts that I feel like appreciating a successful one). It felt like a birthday party with half eaten cakes and snacks on the tables. +5 for the music, +10 for the visuals. (A)


Cumuli Part II L40 - Verein zur Förderung von Kunst und Kultur am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz e.V

One of the most interesting shows opened during Gallery Weekend. Runs until 08.06- do not miss the opportunity to see it.
Also on 31. Mai 2013, 18.00 h ARTIST TALK: ANNETTE HOLLYWOOD im Gespräch mit / talk with KATHARINA KARRENBERG und / and MOIRA ZOITL (Camelot)
@Galerie Thore Krietemeyer, Grossbeerenstrasse 83, 10963 Berlin (D)

Knut Eckstein @ Galerie Vincenz Sala

+6 for what might be the most intimate gallery space I've ever been to. Awkward at the beginning, but very cosy and friendly after you break the unease of entering a space that seems like it's somebody's private apartment. You are really forced to take a close look at the two bigger pieces which are big enough to fill the gallery. Different in a way, but dissapointing regarding the quantity (-2); it would be nice to see more pieces in a larger space from a reasonable distance. (A)



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