What Did I Miss/ What Did I Not Miss 17.01–18.01

What Did I Miss/ What Did I Not Miss 17.01–18.01

What Did I Miss/ What Did I Not Miss 17.01–18.01

Last week art intertwined with fashion and made the city twice as vibrant and nice. Going to openings is almost as going to fashion events anyway, so we skipped all the trendy fuss and went to see what is on in some of our favorite art spaces in Berlin. No disappointment, pluses were everywhere.

“just came to say HELLO” was especially fun – cheeky and tongue-in-cheek, I will not be surprised when the how-to manual pictured above is 2014’s top seller.
Fittingly – as it was fashion week – the art was dressed to the nines. This shirt billowed off the wall, proving that there IS a place for XXXXXXL clothing in the world of high-fashion. (N)
Friday, 17 Jan
just came to say HELLO @ KLEMMS

As both a well-attended and well-lit institutions, KLEMM’S openings hold a special place in my heart. The fashionable and fun crowd is always pleasant company, and the on-point artwork is more than welcome.

+4 for the above video alone – art, when done right, can be incredibly moving, and I was moved to buy pasta for dinner after seeing this piece. (N)
Friday, 17 Jan
Great Expectations @ Soy Capitán

“Great Expectations” is an accurate summary of how I felt going into the latest opening at Soy Capitán. As always, they never fail to impress. A gallery with multiple video pieces is always a tricky balance – the liveliness of an opening can easily overpower and drown out videos, the life in each piece at Soy Capitán put up an admirable fight, commanding the attention of the room. 

"Heartbrake" (the only artwork title I remember).
The photos were heavy and loaded with references; spread over the entire wall surface of the gallery, they dominated over the sculptures, although without the sculptures the show wouldn't have the same powerful effect. Artworks were positioned in a way to allow a visual interplay between the two.
Stylish people added to the visual quality of the show (+15).
As this was my first visit to this gallery, it left quite an impression with this opening. I will certainly try not to miss any of their shows, and I would advice others the same.
Friday, 17 Jan
United Colors @ Cruise & Callas
+10 for the lovely ladies.
The exhibition upstairs did not win that much attention and affection, but I cannot deny its punkness. The messiest part, pictured below, was the most interesting (naturally).
Friday, 17 Jan
STYLE! IT! TAKES! "Re-Thinking PUNK!" @ Urban Spree

This was definitely an unusual and outstanding Fashion Week event, just as described by the organisers. It was quite a while ago when punk was inaugurated into the world of fashion and it will hardly ever die, especially in a city like Berlin, which gives a much more suitable context to an event like this than the high end fashion shows. Although the music made me feel like I was at an underground club for highschool punks, I did enjoy it quite a lot, because after all, I was once a highschool punk. Familiar sounds did a bit of time travelling, while the sights reminded me that it is undoubtedly not the city I grew up in. A lot of people would be considered weirdos there, and it was so sweet to see 'weird' as 'normal', and 'normal' turning into overly plain, tedious and dull. 

This exhibition had a particularly interesting concept and the variety of media made it livelier. If you missed the opening, Wednesday might be a good day to see the show, right before the performance by Athi-Patra Ruga (click for more info).
Saturday, 18 Jan
Perhaps All The Dragons In Our Lives Are Princesses @ SAVVY Contemporary

If you had a bad day, go to SAVVY Contemporary. A place so diverse, colorful and bold that you almost forget you are in a gallery. No white cubes, no unnecessary restrictions. Dogs are welcome, smoking is allowed. People are always so incredibly interesting, art is worth of your time and attention. 

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