The Interns Diary (part 3)

This Monday we started with a cup of coffee at Soho House Berlin where we had a such a great view over Berlin. Despina had invited Maria and me for a meeting.

It was a good start of the week and at the same time a nice moment to look back at my weeks before. For already one month I'm living in this city. Even if it sounds so short, it feels like an eternity. If I remind myself of what I've done and experienced last month I can't do anything but smile. 

Favourite bar experience until now: Bohnengold at Reichenbergerstraße.
Since I'm a big fan of pinball machines (with special thanks to Tiki Bar Rotterdam) my night could not get better.

I visited the exhibition Polaroids of Helmut Newton at the Museum für Fotografie. Since I've seen a documentary of his work I'm fascinated by his photographs even if they are most of the time naked women. I think it's interesting to see how a man like Newton, obsessed and fascinated by the female body, can make such beautiful compositions with lights and figures. He knows literally and figuratively how to put a female body in a good light. 


I found the autobiography of Helmut Newton at the Neukölln Night Fleamarket. Proud to have bought my first German book! I took it with me in the U Bahn so people think I'm a true German girl. Besides that, the book is very useful because it is most of the time about Berlin. It just so happened that I found out that the street where Helmut Newton grew up (Innsbrückerstraße) is at the corner of my home. This makes my time walking through this street much, much more pleasant! The Night Fleamarket is definitely something I will go back to because shuffling alongside stands with a beer and life music on the background is the best combination you can have, right? 

More beers at Möbel Olfe at the Dresdenerstraße where I, after noticing there were so many guys, found out it's a gaybar. Oh well…

The Speed Portfolio Viewing II was quite a cool experience for me. After reading the feedback from curators and artists I think they also enjoyed it! I thought the location was great, with the white cube room, huge windows with a view at the Rosa-Luxemburgerstraße. For me it was very funny to see how nervous the artists could be and how curious the curators were, or not really…

I had the luck to prepare the list of artists with their portfolios and it felt like I was collecting a small art catalogue. Where one artists only need one picture to tell where his work is about, the other will need some more explanation… Although I think the motto of that day was: Get To The Point!

The great part about interning at Atelierhof Kreuzberg is that I get the chance to meet so many art and artists. Normally I really don't like life performances because of the awkwardness and in a way I am kind of scared of them too.. But the work of Robin Whitmore wasn't scary at all. During the opening of A Drawback you got the chance to have a small interactive meeting with the artist. 

It felt like I was standing on a bridge in Paris and a painter was exactly drawing what I told him to draw. Robin Whitmore asked you to tell him a memory and he drew that memory for you. Live. It was great :-)

Also the work of Bruno Ollé at l'atelier Kunst(Spiel)Raum was interactive, and quite interesting. He had created a room full of plastic yellow garbage bags which looked like a pool full of balls. A nine year old child had buried himself in the bags, his parents had to pull the child out of the garbage because otherwise he still would be in there. 

Last Saturday there was the opening of Never Odd or Even at the Grimmuseum, and it was funny that on Monday I friend from Paris sent me this link  with the description I really had to go to this exhibition. 

When even people from other countries are sending tips to someone who lives there, I think you have done a great job as artist or curator. 

Now it has been one month ago when I took my first steps in this city as an inhabitant and I still got a long time to go. I'm actually already thinking about staying here for longer because after one month I'm sure that five months are too short.

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