The Interns Diary (part 10)

Text by Sarie Nijboer

Dear diary,

From Monday till Wednesday looking for the perfect working annex coffee place kept me busy. My dearest neighbor with whom we share the internet turns it off every night, and most of the time she forget to turn it on again…
That's how my search for the perfect place for coffee AND internet started.

My first try was at Marketta’s Greisslerei on Linienstrasse 41, not so long ago I tasted this lovely carrot soup there, and they serve a great chai latte too. Normally internet as well but not this time. Their internet was moody and they had already given up on it.
Next try at Mein Haus am See on Brunnenstrasse where I love the interior but again no connection to the internet, and the waitress wasn't willing to help me at all. This is when I started to think it could be my computer instead of their connection. On the other side of Rosenthalerstrasse I had a try at St. Oberholz, where again I got no internet connection. St. Oberholz is a great working place where you only should go if you bring your laptop because otherwise the only things you would see are laptops with some people hidden behind. I asked my good-looking neighbor if he got an internet connection, and he told me he did. Wow so it really was about my computer… or my karma… or both. And then the guy spoke to me again and said, "well suddenly my internet isn't working either."
It really was my karma… which was not only influencing my computer but others' as well.

Finally I ended up at Café Hilde on Metzerstrasse 22 which is very suitable to work; they serve great food (from pasta to cupcakes) and their internet connection is stronger than my karma. I stayed the whole day to fill up the next Bpigs issue for January-February.

Donata Kindesperk @Kopfkino

The great thing about living in Berlin for a longer period is that I get to know people who bring me to other places which I didn't know via Atelierhof Kreuzberg, Bpigs spaces, Have you Met or my weekly search for pigs tips.
I went to an exhibition at Kopfkino at Modersohnstraße 63 by a girl, Donata Kindesperk, who studies law but also loves to draw. After we ended up at Flamingo where der Zeit launched their catalogue. Flamingo is a suitable place for launching a catalogue of a fashion magazine given most of the people are well dressed and they serve tasty cocktails. Something I got to know in Berlin are these cocktails with cucumbers…. wow very strange but tasty!

The following day I met Anne at Sing Blackbird to talk about organizing our own exhibition. Anne is a friend of mine who studies Lifestyle&Design at the Willem de Kooning Academy too and is currently interning in Berlin with an artist with a great name, Christa Joo Hyun D'Angelo.
It's because Andreas kept saying 'you can organize something yourself', and I can't stop thinking about organizing my own exhibition, not as an artist but as a curator, and Berlin seems the perfect place for that. Unfortunately Anne and I were too tired from the day before so we only payed attention to our well made tempeh bowl and American pancakes, therefore we didn't clear up anything about our exhibition. If we want to realize it we have to start thinking soon about the location, artists and date given I will be leaving in February. In between there is Christmas and of course NYE at Pigs/Leap.

Maria @Space Release #2, Stedefreund

Friday Maria, Despina and I went to visit some of our members' exhibitions, Charität at Tät and Space Release #2 at Stedefreund. I really loved the show at Stedefreund, quite childish with all these cutted papers and drawn lines that made me happy for that short period we were inside. After these exhibitions we went to Bar 3 where we had a talk about what to wear for NYE and of course we will be fancy!
Andreas keeps asking me what's going on with Despina's place. By Despina's place he means the NYE party because he will organize a party at Atelierhof Kreuzberg as well, and he knows I'm not able to help…

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