The Interns Diary (part 5)

Dear diary,

Starting the week with working on Mondays isn't bad… only if it starts after 12h. Any earlier and you might run into problems like showing up too late, making mistakes, or being too tired.
12h is perfect…
Luckily I got two internships who understand how it supposed to be.
Every Monday we start with Bpigs at 11.30. It's the same as saying we start at 12h because there is always one of us showing up late.

It's the same with deadlines. You can tell they exist just for show; deadlines don't work in the art scene. So on Monday I had to call the participating galleries of pigs to ask if they could send their events for the next issue.. even though the deadline already passed.

Most of them  were nice and said sorry. Some of them didn't pick up the phone, and one of them hung up on me. It felt like I was working in a call center calling for advertisements, and everyone hates me for calling them.


Last Thursday I was exited about going to an exhibition at an unknown gallery named Ufo. It's strange that after more than one month I can say I haven't heard of that gallery before. While working for pigs I have started to become familiar with quite a lot of galleries… lucky me.

It's always great to see new places (it feels like I do nothing but spend my time seeing new places in Berlin)… but with this one I wouldn't have minded staying home… Although the people were nice and the space looked great, the exhibition wasn't. The walls were papered with art… and I really prefer frames.

This weekend my sister from Holland came over… It's always great to have someone from home with me, but I haven't felt lonely in Berlin. In case I do feel lonely I can always send an email to idji@libero


Luckily I also have my roommate who leaves a pan full with homemade soup in front of my door with the text… Eat me… please… I'm so lonely....



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