What Did I Miss/ What Did I Not Miss 15.05 - 17.05

In case you are not familiar with it: TYPO Berlin is a prestige and overpriced conference for graphic design geeks; basically a lot of inspirational talks (and impressive presentations of design schools), with goodies, lunch, and party included. +100 for the TYPO team giving us free ticket!
Typographers held exhaustive talks about specific topics, while designers mostly showcased their personal project in cronological order, starting from their roots (is that what it was all about?). Two advices for the youth: do not snap to grid and go back to analog.
David Carson had the most awkward talk ever, with a technical delay, audience singing happy birthday Simone (one of the all-female hosts, deliberately chosen to compensate for zero-female presenters) and being bombed with silly audience questions. "What would you put on your surfing board?" - "Not sure, but for sure it would not be readable."
Drury Brennan, who is building a name for himself quite fast after coming to Berlin a year ago (I remember his exhibition in Mota Italic) held a fun workshop on calligraphic abstraction and reconstruction with a live demo.
Autocenter was ‘bumping’ Friday night with a triple whammy, action packed extravaganza! Two group exhibitions opened and the gorgeous new Autocenter catalogue was available. It was definite ‘to do’ judging by the hoards of art fans and old school scenesters that showed up to take in the ambiance and smoke in the hallway.
Occupy Painting is a show centered around painting, I think. Or at least that was my assumption. Call me old fashioned, but I went there hoping to see a show full of paintings (as I have come to understand the term).
The work here appears to challenge our definition of paint as a medium. It’s composed of photographs, video, installation, a slide show, and yes, actual paintings. This collection leans more toward being classified as conceptual object making. Granted, the world is changing, and art is changing, and the more cross-disciplinary producers there are out there, the more the boundaries begin to dissolve.
However, it can become problematic by creating too much flexibility for gimmicky exhibitions. There are some great pieces there regardless, and my favoritism toward the medium was satiated with the work of Sophie Bueno-Boutellier and Michael Part to name a few. It’s worth the gander. +14 for the scene being created with a LEAP opening down the street. (C.)
Friday, 16 May
Occupy Painting @ Autocenter
We went to see this show because of the attention-grabbing title, but also to check out the new huge, bright, party-friendly space. Congrats LEAP! Way better. Surprisingly, even the location somehow works better. With the simultaneous opening at the neighbor gallery Autocenter, it makes so much more sense to spend the evening in Leipzger Strasse, the weirdest of Mitte streets.
The show was above-average entertaining, with some really funny jokes, and not just "art-funny" (if you know what I mean). Why not make a funny gallery - I asked myself upon realising how important humor is, always and everywhere.
The funny guy Jeremy Bailey would be very welcome there..
The two gentlemen were also inspired. This is how one should pose for a stranger taking a random photo. +11 for no shame.
Friday, 16 May
You Might Be A Dog @ LEAP
Opened only a few months ago, Circle1 gallery growed extremely fast on me. This is the second show I visited there, and again it was interesting for presenting three totally different artistic approaches, with a solid amount of humor, and with works cooperating well with each other, and with the exhibiting space.
There are, of course, reasons beyond art, that make me feel very welcome in this space. It is a great spot to grab a fair-priced glass of wine and meet your new friends.
+15 for the artist's nerves of steel
+5 for the finger soap. -5 for the finger soap. (Love-hate.)

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