What Did I Miss/ What Did I Not Miss 21.03 - 23.03

Galerie Zink knows how to throw down. Before you can get to the spacious basement exhibition space, immediately at the door, you had to pass the amazing spread of cheese, bread stuffs, and - I kid you not - a full leg of prosciutto complete with carving knife! With my mouth watering, it was polite to go downstairs before slicing off a little or a lot of heaven.
Das aristokratische Prinzip is a playful installation by the talented Jana Gunstheimer containing slightly abstract wall-based still lifes, and superbly rendered graphite drawings. It was hard for me to determine which were better, however they cohesively play off each other to make a well-rounded show. The exhibition’s minimal black and white palette had the outfits of the crowd of elites and art fans almost outshining the work.
+28 for the generous self-serve Parma ham station.
Friday, 21 Mar
Jana Gunstheimer - Das aristokratische Prinzip @ Galerie Zink
As a group show, Re-discovery 1 feels more like the artists have been pitted against each other, “Buckley vs. Johannesson cage match!”. It’s possible the works shown would be hard to exhibit together otherwise. The main gallery space has been divided into two rooms to house a collection of prints from Sture Johannesson in the front room, and a video nstallation in the back. It was yin-yang.
While the crowd seemed to spend more time smoking than enjoying the work, it was a treat to hang out in Laura Buckley’s room. Felt a little Hong Kong nightcluby with a mix of hospital sterility making some of the wallflowers feel high on drugs. If it is a battle of Buckley vs. Johannesson, I would grant Laura Buckley the win, as the works of Sture Johannesson that were exhibited were seemingly not of his counter-culture, pot-stirring trademark self. +14 for Johannesson’s fashion sense, he was in attendance and showed us all the meaning of style.
Friday, 21 Mar
Laura Buckley & Sture Johannesson @ Autocenter
I would never imagine that sports equipment could be so much fun to look at! I almost felt sorry for the poor twisted things that looked like they are severely injured and in terrible pain.
The group show "UPSTAIRS DOWNSTAIRS" had all the cool elements without being over-the-top hip. Art wittily invaded the walls of the beautiful spacious gallery; the humorous artworks combined with the altbau charm produced an ambient worth discovering even on a Sunday afternoon, in whatever psycho-physical condition from the previous night. One would expect no visitors except for a couple of artists whose work is on display, and maybe some responsible friend with his kid. But, the crowd was surprisingly present, pretty mixed and interesting.
Sunday, 23 Mar

Karl Holmqvist, Tobias Kaspar, Klara Lidén, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Cerith Wyn Evans

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