What Did I Miss/ What Did I Not Miss 06.06-09.06



Rules of Attraction / Trink Dich Schön @ Insitu

Angelika Arendt / Pauline Bastard / Julian Charrière / Vadim Fishkin / Michael Kargl / Sophia Pompéry / Tomás Werner

+7 for a slightly shocking result of an experiment: how different photo studios develop the same photo based on their criteria of beautiful

+5 for the sentimental plastic foil sunset 

When somebody offers you beauty drinks, how do you say no to that? Although I expected more exotic liquids and some 'before/after' beauty effect, it was a cosy gathering and a nice way to bring people to the exhibiton. The colorful drinks and a good playlist (+10) boosted the exhibition that otherwise seems a bit empty. 


SUNDAY 09.06

If Not, Tomorrow / closing + performance by Ute Waldhausen @ Artitude

Voin de Voin / Marte Eknæs / Noam Gorbat / Ulrike Heise / Anna Herms / Anna K. E. / Philipp König / Ute Waldhausen / Eric Winkler

"What's that noise? Where's it coming  from?" - those were the questions asked by the few visitors that didn't participate in making it. The walking noise were actually performers with a tiny thing that produced the funny sound. +11 for the prank

All in all, a diverse collection of artworks, mostly interesting ones. The gallery space is pretty cool (+18), so that was already enough reason to go there on a rainy Sunday. I'm curious about what Artitude has to show next.

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