What Did I Miss/ What Did I Not Miss 03.10 - 05.10

Yay for the national holiday! It gave us an illusion of a weekend that lasts forever, although it was only one day off (two for the luckier ones). Some of us used the extra time to get even busier and some decided to lose and let loose. However, the events that we visited fortunately satisfied both ends - see for yourself how much fun we had at work. 



The Phylogenesis of Generosity @ Prinzessinnengarten 

Prinzessinnengarten is really starting to grow on me more and more every time I go there (not literally, of course). I'm not really able to take care of anything more demanding than a desert cactus so it's not very likely that I will continue going there for the gardening. That is why I appreciate this kind of event that uses the space but not for its original purpose. It also solved the riddle where to spend the day when nothing is working. It was just a perfect day to spend it surrounded with greens, drinks, happy people and cheerful Latin music that I would normally hate but there it sounded like the best music ever played. The atmosphere was really that wonderful.

Free balloons were everywhere. also as some sort of an art intervention - an overly simple idea but still lovely, especially when connected to the overarching theme of the exhibition (generosity) and all those disoriented kids desperately looking for any source of amusement.

Apparently a performance... Looked like the worst team building game, at least from what I saw

I couldn't say much more about art at this opening, although there were 25 artists exhibiting or performing; most of it I missed, unintentionally. It just blended in the environment and I didn't feel like playing a detective while being busy with the Schnaps-infused apple kompot. I guess it was the organiser of the show who we are thankful to for giving us coupons for these delicious drinks and therefore distracting us from the main part of his event. (A)


End of the World Party @ Idrawalot

Events at Idrawalot are always well attended, pretty much through the whole evening that usually lasts until midnight. There's always something to see and do so it pays off to go there even when the exhibition is seriously bad. Everybody loves to browse through nice illustrations and drink wine for free (+13).

Not sure if plus or minus points... and who should get them. I guess I should award myself with some minuses for not being open-minded about getting a tattoo at a place where it's likely that somebody will get shoved or something will be spilled. (A)


FRIDAY 04.10

Vernissage @ Pop-Up Art Gallery Berlin

After the chaotic trauma that was the Berlin Art Week Opening party, I had gotten accustomed to quieter and calmer celebrations. As witnessed at the Laura Mars Grp last week, things were getting quiet… too quiet.

Luckily, Vernissage at Pop-Up Art Gallery Berlin in Schöneberg added some excitement to the mix. Bubbly prosecco was being distributed by the even-bubblier Simon: “My art project is the bar over here at the bar. Drinks are either two Euros for one, or for five Euros, you can have unlimited drinks and be a walking art project!” +40 for Simon’s endless enthusiasm, and +10 for how many walking art projects were stumbling around by the end of the night.

The gallery is exhibiting solo works by nine artists from across the globe, and the work will be on display for the next week only. There were screen-printed silk scarves hanging from the window, and paintings of alien cats on the wall. Also exhibited was a linguist who developed a writing system that could be transcribed without any utensils. +14 for ingenuity! (N)


Miriam Temme @ GiftRaum

What I always find interesting at Das Gift (both the bar and the exhibition space - GiftRaum) is that it shapeshifts so quickly during the evening. For a moment it might seem like the loneliest, saddest place you can possibly spend your time and money at (but if you arrive at that kind of moment at least you have the privilege to choose the best spot - usually the couch; in GiftRaum it's the bar part of course). Just a half a beer later it can be packed, loud, smoky and hip. By the end of the beer it might go back to blank. I arrived to the opening at the perfect time when there was some fuss but not too much - just the right amount to start the evening with. It looked like an opening but you didn't have to use your elbows and the worst parts of your personality to make some space and see what's on the walls. The photos displayed there were mostly black&white, soft, silent and cold. "Foggy" was my answer when a friend asked how was the opening because the photos released that autumnish feel. It was really easy to appreciate them in the friendly cigarette-foggy warmth of the bar. 

(Photos from the opening currently unavailable. Camera went to Berghain and never returned home. At least I will get to see Berghain Office, whatever that might be.) (A)



Лайка (Robert Barta, Thomas Behling, Mineo Kato) @ Kreuzberg Pavillon

Twinkle twinkle...

Being at Kreuzberg Pavillon for the first time, I was a bit confused by the space and the modest amount of artworks (modest in relation to the number of artists exhibiting, that is). I wouldn't say I was dissappointed - on the contrary, it was actually cosy and nice. There was soup, there were familiar faces and those works that were there were all interesting to see. Some more, some less; the majority of visitors would probably agree with Cyrus that this was a winner piece 

(we tried to debate about it but couldn't find a clue how this thing keeps spinning without ever stopping).

The show was well balanced with all of the artworks receiving equal amount of attention, besides the one that was obviously standing out while revolving in the middle and with everyone revolving around it. 

And, luckily, noone mistook this piece for a convenient surface to leave their beers and soup bowls on. (A)


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