What Did I Miss/ What Did I Not Miss 30.10 - 02.11

A brief overview of all things we did not miss last week while dodging the flying eggs (somebody could've warned us that that's what kids do here on Halloween) and collecting worried looks aimed at our slightly innapropriate costumes.


Max Frisinger – Red Sea @ OZEAN

As I walked up to OZEAN, the fluorescent lights inside glowed red with the false promise of a heat lamp or a roaring fireplace. While this proved feeble in providing refuge from the bitter cold outside, the warmth of owner Hester Oerlemans (wordplay!) made up for it—+8 for unpretentious somebodies. Cozy and comfortable, the opening of Red Sea took full advantage of the early sunsets, capitalizing on the cover of darkness to lure passerby-ers into the gallery. (N)



Bosco Sodi - Terra Ignota @ Eigen + Art Lab

Camera does not always produce the image as perceived with the eye, and that is why Photoshop is a great tool. I had to maximise brightness on the picture above to present you, at least approximately, the blinding whiteness of the gallery space. Our eyes were desperate for sunglasses like dry earth that is desperate for water. And speaking of earth...

+15 for google earth art

Wasn't sure if the two ladies were dressed up for Halloween or just doing the Mitte swag completely wrong. -9 for having to watch ankles twisting and boobs jumping out of the dress.

Patriotic tears were dripping on the catalogue of artist's works named after my home country. +12 (A)


FRIDAY 01.11

Recent Works by Antonio Mesones @ invaliden1

Spanish was the unofficial language of this opening and you could even see by the way people grouped there (in huge and loud groups) that they must be Spanish (or Balkan; a little bit of eavesdropping solved the mystery).

+11 for the nice gradients. You had to come really close to fully appreciate. (A)


Invited by Rosa @ Galerie Kamm

As with any good dinner party, gin and tonics were flowing freely. However, unlike any drink I’ve ever had, the alcohol was dispensed via what looked like clay vases. I have heard of craft cocktails, but +4 for the tasty and novel performance art. (N)


Carina Brandes @ BQ

BQ—which is NOT the lovechild of Burger King and Dairy Queen as far as I can tell—is part art gallery, part maze, and fully beautiful to walk through. With the abundance of free drinks and snacks, BQ was understandably packed both inside and outside. (N)



Gwenneth Boelens – Riveted @ KLEMM’S

Benja Sachau – There Were Rumors @ Soy Capitán

Like the aforementioned opening at BQ, the joint-opening held by KLEMM’S and Soy Capitán was like walking through a maze—wandering through room after room, it was easy to forget where you were going and where you came from. +5 because double-the-art-double-the-fun!

The night got off to an exciting start as I walked through the main gate and was greeted by a car wrapped in ribbons and adorned with flowers. I hoped that this was a sign that Oprah would be in attendance. She was not. 

What was in attendance: a healthy crowd of visitors chatting with liveliness; two mixed media art shows hanging, leaning on, and dangling from every surface; a few liters of boxed white wine, and helpful strangers to help me figure out how to operate the faucet.  Also sighted was the brandnew Bpigs guides—get them while they’re hot! (N)

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