Tips 27.09 - 09.10

Attend to the rising post-summer blues by attending art functions as often as possible. Our list of things to see in the coming weeks includes exhibitions, performances, discussions, special presentations, all-in-one art festival experience, and one special tip that might inspire you to visit Hamburg. 



19.00 Imagine: Universal Income @ Import Projects 

WHY: A think tank of artists, designers, and young researchers starts a discussion on the topic of universal basic income. Following an invitation by the New York based start up Print All Over Me, Import Projects commissioned 15 artists to do a fashion edition. To launch the collection, they invited four theorists to talk about the basic income. Essays by Nick Srnicek and Viola Nordsieck will accompany the discussion.

Import Projects / Keithstr. 10, 10787 Berlin, U Wittenbergplatz / more info



19.00 Black Hyperbox - Performances & Book Launch @ Romanian Cultural Institute

WHY: Black Hyperbox started as a frame for performance and text, based on the alienation between practice and conceptualization. Artworks, mostly performances, emerged from its process. They are circulating sometimes independently, sometimes together. Black Hyperbox is also a book that holds incompatible conceptual zones and spatiotemporalities together. In the Romanian Cultural Institute’s gallery in Berlin, Black Hyperbox will have a short apparition in the form of a book and five performances.

Romanian Cultural Institute / Reinhardtstr. 14, 10117 Berlin, U Oranienburger Tor / more info


20.00 Opening: Preis der Nationalgalerie 2017 @ Hamburger Bahnhof

WHY: This year an international jury nominated Sol Calero, Iman Issa, Jumana Manna, and Agnieszka Polska for Preis der Nationalgalerie. The positions of this year's nominees reflect not only the broad international spectrum of the art scene in Germany, but also personal views on social and political aspects integrated into artistic work. A joint exhibition at the Hamburger Bahnhof will present work of all four artists, and on October 20th a second jury will award this year's winner.

Hamburger Bahnhof / Invalidenstr. 50-51, 10557 Berlin, S Hauptbahnhof / more info


FRIDAY 29.09

11.00 Ed Atkins - "Old Food" @ Martin-Gropius-Bau

WHY: “Old Food” is Ed Atkins' largest installation to date. For his exhibition at the Martin-Gropius-Bau and the programme Immersion, Atkins has created a new series of works that build upon the allegorical possibilities of his particular brand of video making, shifting the aesthetic into ever more precarious areas of desire, historicity, melancholia and stupidity.

Martin-Gropius-Bau / Niederkirchnerstr. 7, 10963 Berlin, S+U Potsdamer Platz / open through 10.12 / more info


19.00 Relations @ Circle1 - Platform for Art & Culture

WHY: Both works in the two-performance event „Relations“ by Veronika Bökelmann & Moran Sanderovich and Darling Fitch deal with close relationships. They place the protagonist in front of a subject, be it a partner, a family member or oneself.The attempt is not necessarily to create an utopian ideal of functioning or “successful” relationship but rather to explore the questions arising from the different layers of these encounters.

Circle1 - Platform for Art & Culture / Mittenwalder str. 47, 10961 Berlin, U Gneisenaustr. / more info


19.00 R.A.Q. (Rarely Asked Questions) @ Haus am Lützowplatz

WHY: R.A.Q. (Rarely Asked Questions) brings together six artistic positions in which texts play a central role. The media in which the artists react are as varied as the nature and origin of these text materials. This is done in R.A.Q. again and again, the questions raised by the interchange of meaning between different sign systems: the supposedly accessible system of verbal language-the thought, the written, the spoken-on the one side, and the pictorial, plastic forms of meaning and nonsense.

Haus am Lützowplatz/ Lützowplatz 9, U Nollendorfplatz / opent through 05.11 / more info



18.00 Beyond Borders @ Rebelle Gallery Space

WHY: The online art platfrom Artisster makes its first offline appearance in Hamburg with an exhibition of works by an international group of artists. The exhibition takes a look beyond all limitations; eight artists are invited to present their paintings and collages and form new relations through abstraction and common sensibilities of their work. If you can't make it to the show in Hamburg, visit Artisster's website and get familiar with its unique mission in the art market and different positions and personalities it represents.

Rebelle Gallery Space / Neuer Wall 72, 20354 Hamburg / open through 14.10 / more info


19.00 Fieber Festival 2017 @ Meinblau Projektraum & Haus 13

WHY: More than 60 Iberoamerican artists living in Berlin take part in this year's Fieber Festival led by the question: „'Quien soy ? Quem sou eu? Who am I?' - Identidades en tránsito (Identitäten im Wandel)“. The program includes contributions from the fields of visual arts, photography, video, performance, literature, music, theater, dance, cinema, as well s workshops, seminars and more.

Schönhauser Allee 176, 10119 Berlin, U Senefelderplatz / ongoing until 08.10 / more info


FRIDAY 06.10

19.00 Caroline Achaintre - "A.D.O." @ Farbvision

WHY: Farbvision hosts a two-part exhibition of new work by Caroline Achaintre. A special presentation at Hamburger Bahnhof as part of Friends With Books is followed by a solo exhibition at Farbvision. In both parts Achaintre will present an installation of works in a variety of media, including handtufted wool, ceramic, and watercolour. Achaintre cites the ‘crude aesthetics’ of German Expressionism and post-war British sculpture as influences on her bold and striking installations.

Farbvision / Schönhauser Allee 28, 10435 Berlin, U Senefelderplatz / open through 11.11 / more info

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