Tips 05.05 - 17.05

Gallery Weekend was once again an impressive yearly reminder of how powerful and colorful the Berlin art scene is. The main spectacle is over, but the shows go on - aside from all the exhibitions opened last weekend, there are lots of new things to check out.


18.00 Tschabalala Self @ Schur-Narula

WHY: Schur-Narula presents an exhibition of new works by the NYC-based painter and printmaker Tschabalala Self. The show brings together works from her series Head Over Heels, which explores the expectations and fantasies projected upon the Othered female body. These fantasies are both accepted and rejected within Self's works. She examines the voyeuristic tendencies towards the gendered and radicalized body; a body both exalted and abject.

Schur-Narula / Berthelsdorfer Str 8 (at Oh Pamela), 12043 Berlin, U Karl-Marx-Str. / open through 27.05 / free entry / more info



18.00 Giovanna Sarti – Consistency @ L40

WHY: The project investigates the charged liminal space between a work of art and the audience by adopting the traditional means of public poster displays. The thirty drawings liberated from Giovanna Sarti’s web-based Drawing Storage include references that vary from individual psychology to political issues. Inserted into urban space they make for unusual, bewildering encounters and strange situations.

L40 / Linienstrasse 40, 10178 Berlin, U Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz / free entry / more info


19.00 Klaus Hu - Unsettled Landscapes @ SomoS

WHY: SomoS presents new works (photography and painting) by Klaus Hu; the landscapes and conflicts of the North American South West. Photographs are juxtaposed as b/w and digital prints with new paintings and charcoals, made during Klaus' residence stay at Santa Fe Art Institute in New Mexico. The landscape of the North American South West appears as vast space of visual language and of lived time. In painted translation, opposites merge into a symbiosis.

SomoS / Kottbusser Damm 95, 10967 Berlin, U Schonleinstr. / free entry / more info


FRIDAY 08.05

19.00 Die Objektfrau – Bigger Than Me @ HilbertRaum

WHY: Sandra Setzkorn shows a body of work of large scale paintings, photography and objects dealing with the question of image boundaries. What do two paintings tell in between their real image borders? The body becomes the material to ask quesions about fragmented identity, gender, physicalness and the suggestive imagination and perception of the viewer.The show is curated by Carla Clauberg.

HilbertRaum / Reuterstr. 21, 12047 Berlin, U Hermannplatz / open through 16.05 / free entry / more info


19.00 Appropriating Language Series #5 - Kobro Book @ Manière Noire


WHY: In The Black Boxes Małgorzata Malwina Niespodziewana placed scenes from Katarzyna Kobro and Władysław Strzemiński's lives, which she managed to reconstruct from the photographs. The project also includes foldouts in linocut based on the pop-up books for children. Reference to children's world and to children's encounter with books and stories which help them comprehend the surrounding reality is here essential, as the artist refers to the childhood of Kobro's daughter.

Manière Noire / Waldenserstr. 7A, 10551 Berlin, U Turmstr. / open through 29.05 / free entry / more info


20.00 Jack Holden – Boys Don't Cry @ Das Gift

WHY: Das Gift hosts the premiere of Jack Holden's new single-screen video installation Boys Don't Cry. It is a self-help hypnotherapy video designed to help you increase your confidence, self-esteem and self-belief. The more you practice listening to this session, the more it will be conditioned in your mind.  Might not work in full promised effect, but it is certainly worth a try. Even if it dissapoints, you still have a well equipped bar at Das Gift, where all of the problems can be solved. Relax and enjoy!

Das Gift / Donaustrasse 119, 12043 Berlin, U Rathaus Neukölln / open through 10.05 / free entry / more info



17.00 Simon Menner – Artist Talk @ Decad

WHY: Simon Menner is a Berlin-based artist who explores issues of surveillance through his work in photography, alternately exhibiting his own staged photographs and images co-opted from photographic archives. At Decad, Menner will speak about his work in light of the paradoxical political moment in which photographic technology is both omnipresent and strictly guarded, looking particularly to the use of drones and of the internet in the production and dissemination of images.

Decad / Gneisenaustrasse 52, 10961 Berlin, U Sudstern / free entry / more info


FRIDAY 15.05

19.00 The Time That Remains @ Scotty Enterprises

WHY: Simone Häckel's artistic interest lays within the sites, people and human actions that are beyond the visible. In her work, she examines the aspirations and dreams of humans and the state of humanity as such. Employing documentary methods she draws topographies of desires and realities. Häckel's photographic work Playground examines visual phenomena in contemporary youth cultures, focusing on digital heroes, such as computer characters and animated movie heroes. 

Scotty Enterprises / Oranienstr. 46, 10969 Berlin, U Moritzplatz / open through 30.05 / free entry / more info

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