Berlin Art Week Gallery Shows Not to Miss

Text and pictures by the Bpigs team

If you just landed from the moon and missed the whole action, or if you have three more days in Berlin before taking off- THESE are the shows you should go see. No drinks, no pics, no tweets. Just art. 

I cannot believe I missed this at Unlimited this year. Cement lion sculptures on hospital legs with color sprays sandwiched in between??? I want to touch, I want to eat, I want to BE it. I flip over the Press Release A4 for an explanation. Does not give me much to work on; it is just a list of definitions for the word Community. So you will have to make due with the above first reactions as a description of the Planet-of -the-Apes sensation you get walking in. Go see!  (D)

Johann Königongoing until 2.Nov

Renaud Regnery’s at Klemms offers something to both types of people, the ones who like to think about art, and those who just like to look at pretty things. It’s a painting show folks! Big, gestural, well-executed paintings flooded with historical references, (physical and contextual) satiate. The work itself should be closely examined in person to get the full impact. Using at times corrosive material (and eeeww blood) in his paintings, Regnery manages to succeed in pleasing certain aesthetic, and conceptual tastes. It can be nice to explore the small, incidental details that are often over-looked in painting. You may or may not get the cultural mash-up angle, but if you are a sucker for big surfaces smeared with colored goo, it’s a must see. (C)

Klemms, ongoing until 26.Oct

Das Numen Momentum: Julian Charrière, Markus Hoffmann, Andreas Greiner und Felix Kiessling
We entered the show late on the opening night, when everybody was psyched out of their heads with free vodka, ourselves in no better state after a gallery dinner. What seemed like a hold-your-boyfriends-hand-in the-dark or hold your-chin-look-mystified experience soon turned into a big, jaw-dropping WOW! How is it done? Is there a pattern? What is it? “LED lights fixed at the ends of a five-hinged arm, swing around by a motor that is controlled by a live-stream of radio signals from outer space. Developed in collaboration with the Leibniz-Institut für Astrophysik Potsdam". Maybe in contrast to the whole BAW after-party cruelty and boredom, this experience felt so nurturing, so new. How many wow moments does one have left in life, seriously. I am sure you have heard the name of the curator Carson Chan (who seems to love darkness...) and I am sure you will be hearing more and more about the artists Julian Charrière, Markus Hoffmann, Andreas Greiner and Felix Kiessling: Das Numen. There is a night viewing on the 8. Oct I would recommend it. (D) 

DAZ ongoing until 10.11

ADRIAN GHENIE & NAVID NUUR : On the Road to ... Tarascon
The show is a collaboration between gallery artists Romanian painter Adrian Ghenie and the post-conceptual Iranian-born Dutch artist Navid Nuur, (one of which is selling in astronomical amounts, it is your guess who). A perfectly orchestrated show, celebrating (and at the same time I think making just a little bit of fun of) the materiality of color, the rythm of painting and two different artists take on the Batman and Robin theme or the Batman and Bruce Wayne theme. Again, something you have probably not seen before. Whatever you do, do not read the press release it will take the edge out of the whole thing. (D)

Christian Falsnaes – Opening
One thing that I would honestly recommend is this performance video settled in a tiny room between the 3rd and 4th floor at KW.  It's a performance built on several levels of awkward and funny, made into a music video and displayed with a piece made during the performance. Spoiler alert: the video contains forced dancing, male nudity and ( you guessed it!) Ellen Blumenstein. (A)

KW / ongoing until 10.11
Honorary mentions
David Shringley: Big Shoes @BQ / until 26. Oct
Francesco Clemente: Tents @Blainsouthern / until 06.Nov
These are the Bpigs picks. Did we miss something? Let us know!

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