10 questions to Enrico Centonze from Grimmuseum at ABC

Caption: Alona Rodeh, Safe and Sound (High Visibility), 2016, installation view at abc. Courtesy Grimmuseum and the artist.
Picture courtesy of Grimmuseum and the artist

On Sunday afternoon we met with Enrico Centonze from Grimmuseum at his booth at ABC. This year he is showing the work of Alona Rodeh. The Israeli artist created for ABC the work Safe & Sound High Visibility. A presentation of 21 graphic works that trace various work-wear designs.

How is it going? Are you still alive?
Laughing. It is not always fun being at a fair, it is not very human.

How do you prepare yourself for an art fair?
For this we started ago six months ago. We discuss ideas with the artist what to do before sending in a proposal. Most of the works at ABC are newly produced, ours is specially newly produced. We are getting ready by getting the work done I would say. It is all about preparations. 

You have only one wall, how do you decide how to show the work?
We see the format, I ask the artist to make a proposal to me. We discuss if it is good or not, if we should do it. That is the good thing about bringing a new work you can really adapt it to the format.

Do people react differently to the graphical paintings of Alona Rodeh than to a spatial installation - such as the work of Ada van Hoorebeeke you presented here two years ago?
I can not compare both works as it is completely different. The work of Rodeh is easier because people are looking and trying to find out what garment it is. People have a bit a feeling of what is it and then you see them smile, “oh yeah I got it”. This is a bit superficial in the reactions of the viewers to her work I would say. It is the habit of the viewers to find something they recognize.

How would say this years ABC is different from last year?
From the atmosphere already, with being smaller it is much more busier. Sometimes you have the feeling you are just waiting for someone to pass by and now there is always someone at the stand. We are sharing the space with three other galleries so there is always something going on.

What was the most fun at this year's ABC?
I think the set up once the works are up. From the concept to the idea, you see the work in the studio and then once it is on the wall. It is the final picture.

You have also been participating at Art Rotterdam. How would you compare this art fair with ABC?
With Rotterdam I like that we are a part of a young program so it is very excesible for young galleries. Especially the price is more interesting. I like that Rotterdam Art Fair is developing very nicely. Both of the fairs are still provincial. The international people don't really come to Roterdam neither to Berlin, which is the similarity maybe. There is less pressure to sell a work at Art Rotterdam because of the price range. At Rotterdam we pay 2.500 euros here we pay around 7.500.

Would you say it was a succesful ABC for you?
Yes, it is the first time we show the work of Alona Rodeh at a fair, it is actually her first art fair. I think in that sense it is successful for the collaboration.

What was the best food you had here at the fair?
Italian salad.

How would you like to see Grimmuseum next year at the ABC art fair?
More walls, bigger installation.  

Image: Alona Rodeh, Safe and Sound (High Visibility), 2016, installation view at abc. Courtesy Grimmuseum and the artist.

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Fichtestraße 2, 10967 Berlin
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