King Oxxo’s Diktatur Oliver Orthuber

Part of the 11 years of arT and impulsE at G.A.S-station Berlin
+ Between freedom and dictatorship | the wall

For the King Oxxo series cycle, he used Page magazine, which is considered an expert magazine for design code and business, as source material. It forms the background of his overpaintings, so to speak, and is remixed and transformed into other content by Orthuber’s editing. In principle, everything that has the power to determine something (person, community, thing or law, etc.) can be seen as a form of dictation. Oliver Orthuber humorously takes up this tightrope walk, which includes the topic of the call for entries, and subjects the journal material to a shrill transformation process. The ‚expert tips for design code and business‘, which are subject to the power of fashion, the market and money, are brought under the rule of King Oxxo. On the opening day of the installation, a copy-sampled remix of the room-in-room installation with sound is projected onto the wall paved with messages, which fully corresponds to the formal and temporal dictation of the artist.

Thu. 4-7 pm, Fr. 4-8 pm, Sa. 5-10 pm

Thu, 5 Mar, 19.00h
5 Mar 202013 Mar 2020

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