What Did I Miss/ What Did I Not Miss 28.01 - 01.02

What Did I Miss/ What Did I Not Miss 28.01 - 01.02

What Did I Miss/ What Did I Not Miss 28.01 - 01.02

Although the big performances at transmediale and CTM festival were all that everybody was talking about last week, we mostly stayed faithful to the smaller events in the shadow and encountered many like-minded visitors equally enjoying art without paid entrances and queueing in vain, but with free drinks and gourmet snacks instead.

There is nothing worse than finding out that somebody you admire is actually arrogance personified . It was obviously not the case here; after the lecture he talked to everybody who wanted discuss something, or get his autograph, or just shake hands and say how awesome he is.
What I would to say to him if I had the patience to wait for my turn is short and simple: thank you for an inspiring talk and hope to see you again!
Tuesday, 28 Jan
Marshall McLuhan Lecture 2014: Douglas Coupland - Space Junk @ Canadian Embassy

Unsurprisingly, Douglas Coupland's lecture brought a lot of people to the Canadian Embassy, too many to fit into the auditorium, but it did not matter that much because it was all  prepared for the flood of fans who were dispersed into several rooms for the live screening of his talk. This renaissance man came there as an author and a thinker, to give a lecture about the ultimate fate of our junk data, flowing "between trash and treasure". It was actually more of a stand-up show, or at least it was meant to be, while most of the funny moments were ruined by Coupland's nervousness. I say ruined while I actually think it was cute - a sign of a healthy mind and a pleasant personality. 

Image courtesy Galerie Buchholz
Friday, 31 Jan
Simon Denny @ Galerie Buchholz

For his solo exhibition "Disruptive Berlin" at Galerie Buchholz Simon Denny reflects on the cultural landscape of Berlin, and its new status as a start-up hub. Working with a range of local start-up companies, Denny uses the tools of the trade in order to explore such topics as "disruptive technologies", which are also a synonym of "disruptive innovation" and have to do with creating new markets and value networks. (E)

The climax of the evening was a jazzy performance by a group of singers and instrumentalists featuring covers of Little Dragon and Swedish folk songs - +8 for diversity, and -2 for the gallery breaching its capacity as everyone rushed to hear the tunes. (N)
Friday, 31 Jan
Random 06 - Donau115

Tucked away around the corner from Das Gift, Donau115 hid between a cactus shop and apartment buildings as I obliviously walked passed the cozy café/bar six times before figuring out where I was going. Packed inside the already small bar were half a dozen artists and their work – and their visitors. Although crowded, it was a warm (but humid) diversion from the winter “wonderland” we have been living in for the past few weeks.

Artist Jacobus Capone was on hand to discuss any number of predetermined topics: Finland; the art scene in Perth; networking. As always, the MOMENTUM team put on a VIP event for the everyday everybody like me. (N)
Saturday, 1 Feb
Jacobus Capone – Saudade @ MOMENTUM

Always the classiest, you could tell what crowd MOMENTUM was playing to by the plates spilling with grapes and crackers that accompanied the largest Brie wheel I have ever seen. We’re not in Neukölln anymore…

Wandering through the gallery, even the children were dressed like they had just stepped out of a framed print. Notably understated: Roe Ethridge was sighted entertaining a fan-girl for the better part of 15 minutes - +12 for humble somebodies. (N)
Saturday, 1 Feb
Roe Ethridge – Sacrifice Your Body @ Capitain Petzel

Maybe it is my fault I showed up criminally underdressed – with a high-powered commercial/art photographer like Roe Ethridge, I should have expected the number of patrons who could be confused for models to be ~85%. You live and you learn.

The other sharp observation was the unique smell of Camembert that invited us to the back room where we did not feel so invited while spreading thick slices on the bread... Apparently it was hidden in the back room (along with soup and goulash!) for a reason - it was for the artist and her guests and not just any random visitor who also happens to be a cheese enthusiast. A new discussion began: how much food at openings is too much food? Should they really put three course meal on the table? And if they do, where should you draw the line? Is it even polite to eat anything at all? In any case, +20 for well-chosen and properly served cheese.
Saturday, 1 Feb
Lone Haugaard Madsen - Raum#323-Ulm @ Galerie Nagel Draxler

Upon arriving, my friend noticed two things. One was that the exhibition is kind of predictable and boring if you look at its elements, but it looks good from certain points where those elements come together into nice compositions. The show had the potential of looking better in the photos than in the gallery space. That observation also fostered a debate whether or not  fines should be charged in Berlin for art crimes such as using the same old tricks over and over again, exploiting garbage to make an expensive art show, etc, etc.

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