What Did I Miss/ What Did I Not Miss 19.06-22.06


Thomas Kilpper Resist! - Oder let it be! @ Galerie Nagel Draxler

Angela Merkel, Leni Riefenstahl, Uli Hoeneß and Pussy Riot in the same room - not in a politically themed joke but portrayed on car pieces referring to the German history, current affairs, the surrounding area (Rosa Luxemburg Platz) and the artist's piece Megaphon placed in it. +17 because we love bold statements.  (A)

JULIUS VON BISMARCK exhibition & SOCIÉTÉ DE 032c bar night

the artist


Visiting the recently returned from Hong Kong and Shanghai 032c team in what seemed to be the hottest stickiest night in years seemed natural, if a little bit out of this earth +2. The temperature which had everybody hanging from the very dangerous steps left some space inside to do things for the first time: see the whole showcase at once, talk to the very friendly artist +2, discover there is a curatorial text, (printed out in copies to take away and all- we did not think they go into that kind of trouble) +2 Even enjoy the Garden Tonic, which on other occasions might have seemed like an overpriced necessity, but on that hot night seemed like a direct stream of life. No points because it s still too expensive. Maybe the most natural thing of all was the flock of girls around Julius talking about his Forrest Apparatus. +10 "Is he a member of the peer (ein Adel)?" a disheveled Birtish PR spokeswoman asked me on the boat to St Marco airport in Venice " I sat next to him at this dinner..."  +15  (D)

FRIDAY 21.06

Yorgos Sapountzis @Die Lustige Grube 


It is hard to find Yorgos anywhere without this yellow travel bag. Next stop - Bristol for the solo presentation The Protagonists @Arnolfini  
In the new temporary space of the Infernoesque team he presented a video work produced last month in Sofia.  The wooden "booth" in the park on Leipiziger str 41 will host events for the next 13 weekends. 

케이프 @ Das Gift

Asobi Seksu meets Grimes kind of sound + screening of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie + enthusiastic dancing in the front row that my camera unfortunately did not capture. Everything you usually don't see at Das Gift, which should consider getting rid of half of the furniture and hosting concerts more often. (A)


The Pizza Suicide Club Music Festival # 1 @ Bei Ruth

A one day festival described as "a thorough selection of the best and the worst underground, semi- underground and semi-shitty and even some of them well known and even talented artists" - although I only attended the first half of the program, I could not agree more on that.  The good, the bad and the weird. It should be more-less clear from the photos which is what. (A)

+33, for I have not heard better DJing in a long time, or ever

I will put it this way: have you seen the movie Untitled?

Not the best photo, but the one that depicts the best this wonderfully weird performace. I strongly (want to) believe this lovely eccentric lady from Iceland is the new Björk.


Berlin Art Prize @ Aqua Carré Berlin

Walking through the exhibition while the super noisy performance was going on wasn't the best idea; noisy is good but too much noise is too much noise. In a way it was very atmospheric and enhanced the experience, but it was also hard to concentrate on anything else and it basically scared the people away. However, it's interesting to see what is considered to be the best contemporary art in Berlin. (A)

I personally walked in too late to take in the show, for which the opinions varied: "Good works-weird installation, bad works-good installation, nice works-well thought out installation" etc and maybe this is not so important.
Congrats to the Berlin Art Prize team for selflessly organizing this lovely award exhibition and ceremony for their peers in Berlin. + 20 An extra mention to Max Frey for the tasty and beautifully decorated bbq.

It is lovely to see something start out of nothing and through pure will and commitment grow into something beautiful. And I am not just talking about the bar woman's breasts, which we all got to see and admire. Way to go! All of you. (D)

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