What Did I Miss 16.07-22.07

Ensemble Zwischentöne Concert @ Hamburger Bahnhof, Platoon Opening, Partouse opening and Mandy's bar, Vicky Uslé - Woodshedding @ Alexander Levy, Limited Limitlessness @ LEAP


Ensemble Zwischentöne Concert @ Hamburger Bahnhof

as much as we dislike the use of the word (or prefix sometimes it seems) KUNST in vain (Kunst-halle) and it is my personal belief that the whole macho-military trousers thing is WRONG, even for halloween, even as a joke- THAT was one busy opening. one of these events, where we (art people) ask ourselves- Who are all those (other) people?
-Platoon Opening

PARTOUSE 32 Positionen, 3 Wände.
one day event@ Reichenbergerstrasse 107, 2ter Hinterhof, 1ter Stock, ab 19 h.


meanwhile in a parallel universe @Mandy's Reichenberger str 61


FRIDAY 20.07

Vicky Uslé - Woodshedding @ Alexander Levy


Limited Limitlessness @ LEAP

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