Foto: Victoria Tomaschko for Monopol Magazin
Foto: Victoria Tomaschko for Monopol Magazin

From May to December 2019, STATISTA has been testing whether working "in the spirit of the Commons" is an option today, even within the context of city development. With the aid of ten distinct playing fields, STATISTA will generate artistic prototypes for a civil society built on collective principles.

The Berlin Art Week public will have a chance to visit the project at Haus der Statistik mid process and see what has been accomplished so far. Besides painstakingly obscure, eyesore of a website.

But lets back up a bit. The Haus der Statistik was built 1968–70 and served as the headquarters of the GDR’s central bureau of statistics. After the reunification, it housed the Federal Statistical Office of Germany and the Stasi Records Agency. Today, the building near Alexanderplatz is a unique project, in which a broad coalition of urban stakeholders define a pioneering location for urban development: 100.000 sqm in the heart of the city will provide space for culture, social projects, education, affordable housing, a new city hall, and administrative buildings.

In September 2015, the Allianz bedrohter Berliner Atelierhäuser proclaimed the establishment of a center for sociocultural activities on a banner positioned on the façade of the Berlin Haus der Statistik (HdS). Since then, this art intervention has become urban policy. A cooperation between ZK/U – Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik and KW has led to the project STATISTA. 

Eight projects are working to prove the main thesis of STATISTA from Beecoin to a project that sees animals as spatial producers and urban actors. Here are only a few of the things you can experience during the presentation weekend:

WORKSHOP SENSING BEES 12/09 noon–3 pm. Languages: German / English

Register under <>The artist and beekeeper collective Moabees offers a visit at the beehives who live and work at Haus der Statistik. Sensors and processors which are installed in the hives collect data showing the development and well-being of the bees, along with our human senses of sight, sound and scent. In this workshop we will take photos in the surrounding of the hives, using a bee camera and the photochemical technique of Cyanotype (blue print). The bee camera imitates the composite eye of the bee. Cyanotype uses ultra violet light (sunlight) which the bees can see, whereas it is usually invisible for the human eye.  We will also collect and use artefacts of the building and inner courtyard which had been abandoned for many years.

Limited number of participants, registration under:
Meeting ploint: Werkstatt, Haus der Statistik, Karl-Marx-Allee 1, 10178 Berlin.

STATISTA MUSTERHAUS DAY 12/09 3:30-7:30 panel discussion in former bumper car

What concrete steps must political decision-makers at local and federal level take to counter global warming effectively? What forms of protest and civil disobedience are successfully bringing the issue into the public debate?
Which role does the appropriation of public space play for the movement and which legal bases are claimed?

3 pm: introduction to Musterhaus and program by openBerlin & KUNSTrePUBLIK
3:30: discussion: Climate Emergency Berlin? with Extinction Rebellion
5:45: discussion: Who Owns Berlin? with Deutsche Wohnen enteignen
7:30: cold beer to an intriguing musical backdrop by DJ SUGABAM

all events in German, whispered translation available


2 pm: introduction to Musterhaus and program by openBerlin & KUNSTrePUBLIK
2:30: dance workshop with Ini Dill (dancing duos, improvised choreographies and dance track tombola)
4:30 pm: Berlin International Cypher (Hip Hop concert, various artists with DJ Set (English, Spanish, Italian, German)
6 pm: Tango Milonga (Electro Tango with live music in an Open Stage format)

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