Alles Wird Gut

Berlin galleries are stirring up again from the self-imposed quarantine as the State is now allowing non-essential businesses with spaces smaller than 800-square-meters (8,600 square feet) to reopen starting Monday, April 20. Galleries and visitors need to still adhere to strict social distancing rules while masks are not required but are strongly recommended. BYOM people!!!

What about the programming? Most shows will be extended, some will be dropped ( international artists will still have problem traveling), some spaces will resume their programming, some will keep on doing online shows and viewing by appointment, and some will curate a whole new set of pop up shows, adjusting to the new limited conditions.
Will art IRL become the new Underground?! We shall see... in the meantime follow us on IG @bpigs for the latest on openings, pop-ups, and online viewings. One thing is for sure. This is a damn good time to buy art. You will get a good deal and you will be a goddamn hero.

limited edition textile mask by Simon Mullan

DITTRICH & SCHLECHTRIEM will reopen Wednesday, April 22, and will introduce a new programming series called Berliner Luft, which highlights a different artist each week. The rotating presentations are announced on the gallery’s social media every Sunday evening. No images of the artworks are made public online. With just the artist’s name and a brief note included in these Sunday announcements, the experience is available exclusively for visitors to the gallery itself. The second instalment will be anounced on Sunday, May 3.

A new textile work by Simon Mullan titled Alles wird gut (Everything Will Be Alright) above the entrance will welcome visitors to the gallery. A familiar German phrase, that would normally get on our nerves, becomes a reassuring message and a statement from the artist. Each letter is hand-cut and sewn on a bold green backdrop that references Mullan’s Irish heritage and historically implies hope, revolution, and brotherhood. The statement encapsulates the enduring position of the artist: working with their hands, in isolation, maintaining a positive attitude in an often volatile market. Printed replicas of Alles wird gut (2020) are available as an edition to hang outside your home or business, allowing the Berlin community to participate in this revolution, a collective call not only to survive but to thrive. Mullan has also produced a signed unlimited edition of face masks available at the gallery for purchase during your visit.

+Also on extended view through May 16 is the group exhibition Duna Bianca—A Proposal by Alfredo Aceto. The first 25 visitors to the gallery will receive a free Duna Bianca catalogue, with an essay on the exhibition by Samuel Gross.


Verein zur Förderung von Kunst und Kultur am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz e.V, also known as L40, will reopen on April 29th and extend its current show 2050 - NATURE MORTE KUNST ZUM KLIMAWANDEL  for another month, until May. The space will be open Wed- Fri 14-18h. Their planned May show We are Millenium Stars will be moved to 2021 and starting from June they will resume their normal program. 

Alexander Levy gallery postponed the planned Gallery Weekend show to September ( as the art festival was moved) and has come up with this online group show of their artists instead. The show can also be visited by appointment. 

That is all for now. Please email with your events tips and follow us on Instagram  and Facebook for daily updates. Don't forget to tag @bpigs if you want your shows to get some extra love from us at this time!

Stay sane everyone. 

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