Stephanie Hanna REVIEW

Text and pictures by Sarie Nijboer

@Donau x Ganghofer

She isn't new to Berlin or to the space, but she's new to Pigs. The exhibition space Donau x Ganghofer is offering you the exhibition 'Erbe' from Stephanie Hanna.
With the possibility to only view from outside and the sentence, "open daily… till sunlight…" she's making the step into art a lot easier. This step is always too high, too big, too green, too far… It's anything but easy for strangers to come to in a gallery..  But what about a window space? There is no step… only the step in front of the window.

'Erbe', is the title of the work of visual artist Stephanie Hanna, organizer of the window exhibition at Donau x Ganghofer. Together with friends, she has managed the space (which is a part of Karstadt) for 1.5 years. They have been using it for performances. With the reactions and the comments from the viewers, she noticed how these comments became part of the performances. Than the idea came to use it as an exhibition space to see how the reactions of the visitors can influence her practice. Since she had to leave her old studio, she decided to use the Donau x Ganghofer window space as her new studio/exhibition space.

The Title 'Erbe' is about her way of working. With the use of materials she finds on the streets, the collecting of texts from pop songs of the past and an old table of her grandfather, she refers to cultural memory. She believes that the past influences the things we act and do in the future. Everyone and everything changes continuously. "Why should an artwork be in a fixed state?"

A cardboard plate with a fork looks like a left over from Stephanie's lunch or is it an art piece? Scissors on the ground, a carbon box, a ladder, an old table… every object is a part of the exhibition. The main point of Stephanie Hanna's work is the use of used materials but also the way of exhibiting her art. Some pieces have been exhibited previously, but with changing the way of exhibiting she's changing the view of the art as well. "The main goal of the exhibition is to share thoughts and get reactions from the audience because the reactions and comments change the art too. At the end I want the people to be creative themselves."

The exhibition isn't a fixed form, given that Stephanie is working on the art during the exhibition. So she doesn't know what it will look like at the end… she only knows it will be different.

Through the blog she's updating about the window space Donau x Ganghofer.

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