Hands-on ArtEngine

Photos courtesy of ArtEngine

All hail to the wonders of technology! You will hardly ever hear that from me, but I do admit if something leaves me thinking: why did nobody come up with this before? How did we manage to live without this for so long? Let me introduce you to one of such seemingly simple inventions that make life as smooth as David Ostrowski's success.

Maybe you are already familiar with ArtEngine, or with Jan Winkelmann, the enthusiastic creator of this new online tool. He has been in the contemporary art world in different roles for over 20 years, all of which gave him a deep insight into its problems and needs. He is also responsible for creating EYEOUT - the mobile art guide, an iPhone app that helps you navigate through the Berlin's art jungle of galleries and events.

Jan was kind enough to guide me through ArtEngine, which is a great cloud-based art inventory management tool. Think of it as a reliable friend with amazing management skills, who jumped in to help you organise your creative chaos. You do not even need to be considered chaotic to make this friend incredibly useful. All you really need is to be an artist, collector, or gallerist, who has too many artworks to keep a complete and immediate record.

Having a slight aversion towards using computers and similar devices more than it is really necessary, this tool won me with little involvement required from my side, and many benefits that come out of it. My only task was to upload the images of the artworks with the corresponding information (artwork details, record owner, loan details, location, exhibition history, etc). ArtEngine did the rest. It keeps your data in one safe place, neatly organized, and up-to-date, and you can have the access to it from any device, anywhere. Another beautiful thing about it is its good looks. Clean, lean, intuitive design makes its use hassle-free and pleases even the hesitant technology user like me. It also offers life-simplifying features, such as organising the content in different lists by any of the parameters or keywords (for transport, insurance, exhibition use,...). Furthermore, with just a few clicks it allows you to have any of your lists ready as a PDF or to print them out. ArtEngine is, indeed, a very good friend.

I was curious to find out if there are similar products aiming to accomplish similar tasks, so I got the answer - yes, but much more complex, complicated, and way too expensive. The idea for ArtEngine was actually born because the need for a simple and affordable tool was apparent.

And there it is! Simple as that. You can use it right away, your data is accessible at all times and in all places, there is no need to download a software, you do not need to spend a lot of time getting acquainted to its functionality, and you do not need to spend a lot of money. You can try the one-month free trial to see if it fits your needs, and then choose one of several paid plans.

Try it out!

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