Have you met... Eigen+Art Lab

Eigen + Art Lab team, Johanna, Judy and Anne
Text and pictures by Lisa Kosak

We had a chance to catch-up with Eigen & Art Lab team before their pre-opening party on Friday evening. After almost three years spent in the Mädchenschule on Auguststrasse, they are moving location and team, with Anne Schwanz and Johanna Neuschäffer taking up the torch.

First, let's have a look at the space.

The space in itself is not as sleek and clean as the former one in Mädchenschule, but we actually prefer this “unperfect”, more intimate and cosy, state. We don't have the feeling that we, or the artists, are limited by this space. We want to put an emphasis on the Lab – a place where you experiment with new, spontaneous things.
What about the spirit?

Just as Judy started with his first gallery in Leipzig, the essence of the Lab is to have fun, to experiment. We are looking for the next generation, the next ideas, but also the next mistake, and then we learn from it, and correct it, like a child learning. But we stay professional of course, and we keep the spirit of Eigen + Art – Anne has worked with the gallery for 10 years, and Johanna 8. 

We also have a “conversation corner”. We want to build a platform to address people with different ideas, speak with them, invite them to take a long look at our exhibitions. We want people to feel welcome. We also try to bring different crowds (poets, artists, lecturers) together and give them a stage.
What's coming ?

We already have a general idea of what the program of the upcoming year will be, but there will be changes of course. We will organise talks, lectures, try to bring different circles together.

We also want to attract people who like art but don't know where to start – especially here in Berlin.

Eigen + Art Lab held its pre-opening party yesterday evening. It was packed and full of good vibes. +10 for the diso ball!

Stay tuned, their upcoming exhibition opens next month!

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