Whiteout - Stella Hamberg

At the center of Stella Hamberg’s current solo exhibition WHITEOUT* in the Gallery EIGEN + ART Berlin stand two figurative bronze sculptures. Both are larger than life-sized and have been given a black patina. The short titles of the two works, Woman and Dog, contrast with their vehement physicality, chromatic and material presence, and background of thematic development.

After the “Berserkers” of 2007, once again mythological contents are part of the processual field within which the new works developed. But only as part of the processual field. History and stories are part of the universe of the developmental background, as one of the providers of information. Stella Hamberg transposes this into a comprehensive game of conceptual and artistic combinatorics, in a network of contradictions and grotesque ruptures. Stella Hamberg’s sculptures are to be understood as the core of the process, a core that radicalizes as it is worked out.

Unlike the usual depictions of Cerberus, in which the head’s form in tripled, the sculpture titled Dog seems to contain in one figure a multiplicity of completely different movements and characters.

This polyrhythm displays an exaggeratedly heightening in the various and differentiated modes of elaboration, and does not come to a standstill even in a static viewing.

Construction and deconstruction fuse in Stella Hamberg’s works in a constant questioning of the sculptural language and the concepts it deals with.

Fri, 6 Sep, 17.00h
6 Sep 201326 Oct 2013

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