What's the Black Dog doing with the White Girl's Dress

Boyan- Riders courtesy the artist

‘What is the Black Dog doing with the White Girl’s Dress’ is a two men show with Ofir Dor and Boyan. Both artist’s paintings are essentially romantic, using a narrative form of expression, they invite us to join an imaginary fantastic space. Boyan’s works exhibited  in ‘What’s the Black Dog doing with the White Girl’s Dress?’ are a part of a larger cycle of paintings. Boyan  used a 100 meters long canvas roll and intensely   painted,  once he was out of it - the project was completed. The paintings feature characters that Boyan had repeated over the years, such as the pirate, the clown, the magician, and the freak, as well as historical figures from different eras and contexts, among others, the figure of Jesus Christ.  All figures are male heroic figures who have been absorbed into our  shared cultural memory from early childhood. Ofir Dor’s paintings, executed in the past two years includes a cycle of large-scale paintings, a body of work based on themes he’d developed in the past, representing the culmination of an ongoing process around erotic themes and group scenarios in painting.

Fri, 11 Jan, 19.00h
11 Jan 201923 Feb 2019

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