For the third exhibition at Galerie Pavlova we are presenting the work of 5 unique Berlin based photographic artists:

The Love Story of Bayad and Riyad - Nadine Hattom, AU
Meridian / Parallel - Henry Trumble, AU
Safety by Numbers - Boris Eldagsen, DE
In Pursuit of the Object, at a Proper Distance - Conor Clarke, NZ
What Ali Wore - Zoe Spawton, AU

Coincidently each of these photographers has made a project, often referred to as a Typology, built around the documentation and cataloguing a specific subject.

'Typologien' brings together each of these projects which follow in the German photographic tradition which was first established by the Bechers School of Photography.

As most of our artists are still based in Australia or New Zealand, we hope that you can join us for this rare opportunity when all artists on show will be present for the vernissage.

Boris Eldagsen - http://www.eldagsen.com/
Conor Clarke - http://www.conorclarke.co.nz/
Henry Trumble - http://www.henrytrumble.com.au/
Nadine Hattom - http://nadinehattom.com/
Zoe Spawton - http://www.zoespawton.com/

Fri, 18 Jul, 18.00h
18 Jul 201430 Aug 2014

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