Transformellae ikeae - Constructing the bio-Techno repro Tribe.

Johannes Paul Raether. Transformella Inhuman Kassel Cave – Cryo Communisat 0.0.1, 2015, Photo: Holger Jenns

Transformellae ikeae – Constructing The Bio-Techno ReproTribe is a project by the artist Johannes Paul Raether, curated by Suza Husse.

At the center of the exhibition, event, and performances is the character Transformella, Queen of Debris and Surrogate Mother of the Institute for Reproductive Futures. She is one of the multiple fictive identities and hysterical-subversive drag characters that Systema identitekturae has cyclically developed since 2009. Raether’s performance system assembles embodiments, materializations, and visualizations of social paradoxes and catastrophic political actualities. As a research avatar, Transformella is dedicated to the assertion of the emancipatory potential of biomedical innovation in the field of assisted reproductive technologies. After five years of rambling and appearances in Europe, USA, and India, she’s now returned to Berlin to conclude her cycle of becoming and to issue a version of herself inspired by opensource software (Forking Version 0.0.1 until 2.0.1). The question of real and potential possibilities of communal procreation and parenthood remains the starting point for establishing the techno-organic myth of the species Transformellae at District. For the queer-futuristic fathoming of such scenarios in the age of globalized-industrial production of human offspring, the character takes on the practical construction of „we“ – the potential political subject that to date had only been suggested in her repro-communal manifesto.

6 November 2015, Performance: Anaïs Héraud Ritournelles. 

10 - 11 November 2015, Performance: Julian Weber, Tarren Johnson. Constructing Ruins. Tanzfabrik, Studio 5, 8:30pm

12 December 2015, Performance-Intervention: Transformalor ikeae, 1pm

21 Dec 2015 – 25 Jan 2016, Winter break


Thu, 15 Oct, 18.00h
16 Oct 201513 Dec 2015

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