Syed Shoaib Mahmood "A Thousand Nightingales Riddled In Peril"

In his new works, Mahmood questions the many layers on which an object functions, in a constant state of flux, between illusionary space, physical allure and mystical and metaphysical reference, on a razor’s edge between Disneyland and the truly mysterious. Mahmood showcases his preoccupation with surface, reflectivity, and illusion through pieces of sculptural installation. He dives into the idea of "becoming"; a two-sided concept in the artist's eyes, the internal and external. A visual evolution takes place over time to the naked eye, but so too does an internal, which becomes a poetic task for the viewer to take on.

Tue, 27 Nov, 18.00h21.00h
27 Nov 20181 Dec 2018

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