'Set In Scene' Jack Burton, Hannah Sophie Dunkelberg, Przemek Pyszczek

Hannah Sophie Dunkelberg, se souvenir, 2017, Polystyrol, Bambus, 180x70x10cm, photo: Hannah Sophie Dunkelberg

"set in scene" is an exhibition with new works by Jack Burton, Hannah Sophie Dunkelberg and Przemek Pyszczek. All three develop their works from painting. But a painting does not end at its four corners. It begins on the screen and continues its presence over the wall into the room. Of course, we always see more than just a picture, our perception is focused on the frame, on the wall, on the environment - on the multi-layered nature of the situation. In this exhibition, the three artists detach themselves from the material, the 2-dimensionality and the wall, telling their stories on several levels. As in a stage play, the picture plane can be experienced simultaneously with the space and time level. They work with a wide variety of materials, consciously set perspectives, allow movement with the works and invite the viewer to an active experience. By bringing together the different levels - image, space, time – they allow the viewers to read the artists' works in a dynamic and contemporary way. The complex reception of information is part of our everyday viewing habits and corresponds to our current processes of perception. The artists play with the strategy of these current communication processes in their work and they create works that leave the classical canvas and become very contemporary sculptural and spatial stagings of painting.

Fri, 16 Nov, 19.00h
17 Nov 201820 Jan 2019

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