Satellite #10: Function.Anomy III

Intermission Collective to guest with Axel Obiger
with Katharina Bévand . FELL . Ori Jauch . Jürgen Kellig . Doris Marten . Teresa Mayr . Claudia Olendrowicz . Diana Pacelli . Francesco Petruccelli . Antti Pussinen . Swen Erik Scheuerling . Barbara Schober . Martin Sieron . Claudia Vitari . Sarah Wohler

Intermission Collective was founded in early 2019 by two artists. Since then, the meanwhile 21 international members have realized two exhibitions and an artist residency in Italy on the topic of Function.Anomy in the context of public space. In the search for suitable possibilities of organisation, communication and administration, for common intentions and approaches, between constructive proposals, resultless meetings, misunderstandings, identification and irritation, in the midst of beer, red wine and cigarettes, a functioning network of cross-disciplinary working artists is gradually forming. In the exhibition, this process and the topic of Function.Anomy will once again be in the focus of attention, this time as an exemplary synthesis of internal dynamics, which the realization of a group exhibition entails.

Fri, 10 Jan, 19.00h22.00h
11 Jan 202025 Jan 2020

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