Repeat All

Mirja Carl / Marion Eichmann / Juliana España Keller / Julia KrewaniHeather Nicol-For the need for repetition there are buttons on some devices. For example, they allow you to play a song endlessly until you have internalised it and can finally sing it yourself. In the exhibition REPEAT, objects and actions from everyday life that have inexplicably been stored in the memory are being copied, multiplied and restaged. The repetition of events or objects serves, just like in real life, as an aid to memory and appropriation. One can reassure themselves of matters and occurrences. But with this also comes the possibility to alienate or transfigure. Comfort is jeopardised. Therefore, the act of repetition simultaneously bears affirmation and disconcertion. The possibilities for repetition are just as diverse as those for recollection: Mirja Carl prints large-format facades and dissolves the individual object in a frenzy of juxtaposition. Marion Eichmann takes pleasure in experiencing things anew through replicating objects with paper, highlighting important aspects and dropping the superfluous. Julia Krewani's kinetic objects remain in a recurring motion. One can, at times, recognise the futility of everyday work, whilst some motions create situations that suggest liveliness. Juliana España Keller shows women who defy the monotony of repetition, in her film. In this refusal, however, the routine of everyday life becomes ever so noticeable.The exhibition REPEAT replays different versions of everyday life by showing selected objects and actions that refuse their designated use.


Fri, 14 Sep, 19.00h
15 Sep 201827 Oct 2018

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