Reality Express

Alexander Iskin Studio Rooftop by Christoph Neumann

Two years ago, in his first big solo show Bastard Club, young painter Alexander Iskin made an impression with oil paintings showing unsettling hybrid creatures placed in apocalyptic landscapes.
In his second exhibition Reality Express at SEXAUER it is all or nothing now. Not only does Iskin mix up creatures, but also realities. Using multimedia he provides the appertaining art theory and philosophy: Interrealism.

In addition to the oil paintings and the INTERREALITY-TVs, Iskin extends his show with a video work. It shows an interrealistic world in which the visitors recognize themselves in a very special sense. But we will not tell more at this point. The exhibition is accompanied by a magazine, issued by Alexander Iskin, containing interrealistic texts and photographies by Christoph Neumann, titled INTERREALITY. The magazine will be handed out during the opening.

Fri, 22 Apr, 19.00h21.00h
23 Apr 201621 May 2016

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