Line Skywalker Karlström, Fists are tools for collective pleasure and fighting, poster intervention, Berlin, 2015

Trespassing the limitations, closedness and invisibility of selection procedures towards moments of critical communality, District launches a new cycle of evenings dedicated to artists who unsuccessfully applied for the Studio Grant Program for Women Artists. The first Evening for two works on stage and unbridled speculations will see the participation of Kate Guelke & Aoife McAtamney and Line Skywalker Karlström. Expanding from their works on display as well as their submitted documents, the programme opens a space for discussion related to the translation of artistic imagination and practice into fundable language, to labour conditions in the digital age or power structures re-enacted by those in the position to select.

Kate Guelke & Aoife McAtamney backround is in choreography, dance, opera and the performing arts. Blending humour, revisionism and religious iconography, together they are developing an imaginative and critical treatment of abortion narratives and Ireland's anti abortion law.

Line Skywalker Karlström’s artistic work is situated in the field between sculpture and performance, focusing on strategies related to gesture, language, failure, presence and absence. Her performative, semi-improvised installations
emerge from material, historical, spatial and discursive explorations of what it means ‘to think with the body'.

Mon, 24 Aug, 18.00h

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