Posten No. 6

Steffi Wurster

A place is observed - a space created: a model of a conflict area. A trilateral border post in the buffer zone between Transnistria and the Republic of Moldova becomes the stage for encounters with soldiers and residents of the various conflicting parties. Starting from the microcosm of the border, the documentary project observes one of the most absurd borders at the edge of Europe - a border without long queues. Even though the Cold War and the division of Berlin belong to the past, a river between Moldova and its breakaway province Transnistria still or again today marks the division between East and West. Competing interests, different political narratives - and the day-to-day interaction of the people. A story about perspectives and fluid boundaries, on alleged realities and the construction of reality.

The exhibition tries to explore a multi-perspective approach, showing a complex picture of the "frozen conflict" in all its facets. Documentary (film-)material and installation elements reconstruct the central location and the starting point of the observation: the trilateral border post no.6. In addition to a partial reconstruction and a topographical model of the post, a 3-channel video-installation is on view in the exhibition.

Thu, 26 Jan, 19.00h
27 Jan 201712 Mar 2017

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