Portable Landscapes: Unweaving the Iron Curtain

The literary event-happening organized by Valdis Āboliņš at the 13th congress of European Latvian Youth Association (ELJA), Westende, Belgium. August 3, 1966. Photo by Noldis Millers.

Valdis Āboliņš, Decolonizing 1968, D’EST: A Multi-Curatorial Online Platform for Video Art from the Former ‘East’ and ‘West’, Inga Erdmane, Leonards Laganovskis, Elske Rosenfeld, Margo Zālīte, Nguyen Phuong Linh, Tuan Mami, Revolt She Said

Portable Landscapes: Unweaving the Iron Curtain is part of the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art project Portable Landscapes which examines stories of exiled and emigree Latvian artists locating them within the broader context of 20th century art history, and wider processes of migration and globalization. The exhibition and program in collaboration with District Berlin shows artistic and political expressions of diaspora and dissidence that cross, unsettled, unweave the binary geopolitical divisions referred to as Iron Curtain, both during the Cold War and its aftermath.
open Tuesday – Thursday, 15-19h

Thu, 20 Jun, 18.00h
21 Jun 201925 Jul 2019

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