Phantom Monument II: Renata Kaminska

installation on Almstadt-/Rosa-Luxemburg-Str
Renata Kaminska's Phantom Monument project started some time ago, when the Polish-born artist from Berlin began researching Rosa Luxemburg. Like her, she was born in Zamość.  A biographical coincidence that prompted Kaminska to visit places in Poland that have a historical connection with the politician. What she found was in the first place nothing: disappeared or neglected buildings, no monuments, not even memorial plaque.  Thus, on March 13, 2018, in Zamość, the plaque reminding of Rosa Luxemburg was removed.  The reason for this was - as the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation at least assumes - a political one, and it is part of a series of measures that started in 2016 when our neighboring country has by law eliminated street names and any public testimonies in public in form reminiscent of communismism. 100 years after Luxemburg's death, Renata Kaminska dedicates a series of sculptures against this demonstrative eradication of the memory of Rosa Luxemburg by installing her phantom sculptures in Warsaw, Berlin, Zurich and Zamość.

Sat, 27 Apr, 14.00h17.00h
27 Apr 20192 Jun 2019

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