Pampero Appartement Re-installed

For almost 5 years the project, was one of the hubs of the Berlin independent art scene. Now, after two years of hibernation APPARTEMENT will return for a one-off blast:

With the exhibition and re-installation at Atelierhof Kreuzberg, APPARTEMENT RE-INSTALLED will bring together a selection of art, people and music that happened at the time! If you were here then, you probably know the artists and remember the energy of that time, when people thought Neukölln was a small-town in West-Germany and Brunnenstraße was considered the center of the global art worldwe had such fun back then we're going to do it again. So book your baby sitter! We've dusted off the furniture, lit the candles and dug up rum recipes and the old guest list. So dont forget to RSVP/"attend" – you know the drill.

______________________»Neo R. Brand«
______________________one reduced
______________________from 13.11.2010 – 06.10.2012

______________________Silke Briel
______________________Clara Brörmann
______________________Bernadette Corporation
______________________Amir Fattal
______________________Pius Fox
______________________Franziska Furter
______________________Amelie Grözinger
______________________Philip Grözinger
______________________Eno Henze
______________________Gregor Hildebrandt
______________________Lukas Hofer
______________________Isabel Kerkermeier
______________________Henry Kleine
______________________Dennis Meier
______________________Timo Nasseri
______________________Philipp Simon
______________________Yorgos Stamkopolous
______________________Despina Stokou
______________________Nikola Ukic
______________________Elmar Vestner
______________________Johannes Weiss
______________________Sinta Werner
______________________Markus Wüste

______________________archived by
______________________Stephan Köhler/ frontviews

______________________Hugo Capablanca
______________________Jianca Bagger
______________________Jeremy Shaw
______________________Your Body & dj Sweat

______________________brought to you by

Sat, 6 Oct, 20.00h
6 Oct 2012

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