Paolo Cirio, Caitlin Hayden, 2015, from the series Overexposed, Acrylic Spray Paint on Canvas, 91x106 cm

With the solo show ‚Overexposed‘ by conceptual artist Paolo Cirio NOME initiates its exhibition programme. 

In the light of the Edward Snowden revelations, Cirio disseminates unauthorized pictures of high-ranking U.S. intelligence officials responsible for programmes of mass surveillance or for misleading the public about them in his public interventions. The artist finds snapshots of NSA, CIA, and FBI officers taken in informal and private contexts through social media hacks. He then spray-paints high-resolution reproductions of their awkward photos onto public walls in New York City, London, Berlin and Paris, using his HD Stencils graffiti technique.

Within the framework of the exhibition, NOME will present the nine subjects of the ‚Overexposed‘ series painted on canvas and photographic paper.

Cirio’s political satire focuses on the era of ubiquitous surveillance and overly-mediated political personae by exposing the main officials accountable for secretive mass surveillance and over-classified programmes.
Overexposed‘ derides the watchers through ridiculous pictures that they lost control of, turning the tables on them and their advocacy of mass surveillance and lax privacy practices while reflecting on new modes of circulation, appropriation, contextualization, and technical reproduction of images.

Paolo Cirio (*1979) conceptually explores various issues in fields such as economy, democracy, privacy, transparency and copyright. His work has been exhibited at prestigious institutions such as Victoria and Albert Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art of Denver and Utah Museum of Contemporary Art. He was honored by Ars Electronica with the Golden Nica in 2014

Fri, 22 May, 18.00h
22 May 201520 Jul 2015

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