„On Her Way“ - Short Films from Egypt

Image credits: Abdelfattah Faraq

The focus of these short films are women in Egypt; women who are the bread winners in their families, who want to be in charge of their own body and gain independence of societal norms.  It is in places like junk yards, beauty salons, sweat shops, music schools and public restrooms where women earn their keep often secretly provide for their children’s education. Other woman talk about their trauma of genital mutilation performed on girls at the home or even in hospitals; traditions that are still practiced today.
These short films provide an intimate view of topics, which are controversial in Egypt and enter a societal grey area bordering a taboo.

Scotty views the recent execution of the „bilateral agreement on migration“ with Egypt as an opportunity to provide insights into the country that now functions as a place of transit in the effort to secure EU borders.

Artists Names: Mohamed Diab | Dina A. Elsalam | Abdelfattah Faraq | Marwa Kamel | Hagar Mahmoud, Rosanna Nageh, Nadar A. Rahman Omar | Mohamed Saadoun | Noura Shalaby | Yasser Shafiey | Amira Helmi, Youmna Atwa, Hanan Omar, Rania Tarek
Curated from Ahmed Hassen und Sayed Abdelkhalek

As part of the exhibit we invite to a talk with the curators:
Sunday, Nov. 12th, at 4 pm with Ahmed Hassen und Sayed Abdelkhalek

Fri, 10 Nov, 19.00h
11 Nov 201716 Dec 2017

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