Mind the Space_spacewithoutspace: VOYEURS & OWOP

Amalgama Jam Credit: Liucija Dervinyte

Mind the Space_raumohneraum will include two ZONA DYNAMIC project series, Voyeurs and One Wall One Piece, which operated in the context of rethinking the art space, as well as occupying public space. 

The exhibition will showcase a new series of performances set inside the Voyeurs cube, as well as video documentation of the Voyeurs performances that were held throughout Berlin public spaces during the Month of Performance Art-Berlin and a re-contextualization of the One Wall One Piece intervention series in the form of a unified installation.

Voyeurs performers don’t act directly in front of the public. They are entrapped within the exhibiting apparatus, a closed white cube of 8m³ (2m by 2m by 2m) from which spectators are excluded. The audience is put in the position to think about their place in the viewing process. They are given the possibility to interact –peep, look, touch– with the structure separating them from the performer or they can decide not to and surrender their ability to see, possibly letting their other senses take over their experience of the performance.

During the Month of Performance Art-Berlin, Voyeurs explored the accidental interactions that can arise from random encounters between the work and its possible audience; thus focusing on the public as the–or a–performer and the idea of the audience as a canvas for action and reaction.

One Wall One Piece is a public intervention series taking place in the urban sphere of Berlin. The artist alone or in collaboration developed an installation on site, in dialogue and synergy with the identity of a specific location. An experiment outside of the white cube gallery–objects, walls, the city and an accidental audience.

OWOP: Antoine Fichaux, Guillaume Henry, Lucas Biberson & Tristan Calvignac E. Tongidou & S. Camagni Fiona Valentine Thomann Rebecca Salvadori & Yotaro Niwa Giorgos Gerontides & Dimitris Ameladiotis

VOYEURS PERFORMERS: 14 SEP, Eden Mitsenmayer

Schlegelstraße 6, 10115 Berlin
Thu, 14 Sep, 19.00h
15 Sep 20171 Oct 2017

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