Joris Strijbos – Oscillations

Axon, 2016 Joris Strijbos Steel, electric motors, electronics, LED lights, variable sizes

NOME is pleased to present the most recent solo show Oscillations by Dutch artist Joris Strijbos.

Strijbos shows two kinetic light sculptures - Axon and Homeostase that are the result of a broader research on artificial life and generative composition. Inspired by early cybernetics and the idea of machinic life and machine synesthesia, both artworks comprise a robotic community consisting of multiple equal units in which actuators and sensors are directly linked.

By applying simple algorithms and rule sets a complex and lifelike behavior is provoked. The unfolding of this behavior can be seen as an abstract and generative composition in light, sound, and movement and is meant as a multi-sensorial experience for the audience.

Strijbos' work has been commissioned by TEC ART, TodaysArt Festival, Oerol, and widely shown at festivals, galleries and museums like Ars Electronic, Linz, Donau Festival, Krems, Sonic Acts, Amsterdam, TodaysArt Festival, STRP, Eindhoven, DEAF Biennale, Rotterdam, Woodstreet Gallerie, Pittsburg, Atonal Festival, Berlin, WRO International Media Art Biennale, Wroclaw, and Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam.

Fri, 24 Jun, 18.00h
25 Jun 201630 Jul 2016

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