Iwajla Klinke: Herbarial Seascapes

Like Paul Thek, Ingeborg Bachmann or Jean-Pierre Bertrand Iwajla Klinke belongs to the rear bread of « Totemgenossen » and/or ψυχοποµπὀί. Comparable to Anubis or Hermes, she guides the models she portraits to the other side of the mirror into a county beyond everydayness, where dream dancers perform mysterious rituals truly visible only to Sunday’s children or nyctalopes. Rare are therefore writers capable to convey the sensations, eventual beholders of works by these exceptional artists might experience. Anne Carson is one of them. In her „Autobiography of Red“ she explores, following the footsteps of Herakles and a certain „Geryon“ PHOTOGRAPHS revealing the ORIGIN OF TIME. And more recently in her „Short Talk on Homer and John Ashbery“ she outlines what the task of psychompoi consists of :„In the twenty-fourth book of Homer’s Odyssey the souls of the suitors all go down to Hades. Hermes leads them, gibbering like bats, past various underworld landmarks, the white rock of Leukas, etc., and on their way they pass the δῆµον ὀνείρων, which Homer leaves undescribed and unexplained. Δῆµον means “people, population or country.” Όνείρων means “dream.” A demographic of dreams.“

text by Iris Grünacker-Janowitz Lago di Garda


Thu, 6 Jun, 19.00h
7 Jun 201910 Jul 2019

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