In a Gadda Da Diva

3 Hamburger Frauen
aka Ergül Cengiz, Kathrin Wolf und Henrieke Ribbe

The 3HF claim the Scotty Space with their rhythmic, painterly interventions, their territories interweaving each other like set theory, like one of Sol Lewitt’s 1000 wallpaintings meeting Nirvana’s punk attitude.
Influenced by the Situationist demand to pick up the cobblestones because underneath there is a beach, these 3 women protest and rally against society’s and the art world’s restraints against mothers and women.
Ergül Cengiz is dealing with the 100 year anniversary of womens right to vote, Henrieke Ribbe’s eye is on working moms and the inner conflict of being a mother and an artist, and Kathrin Wolf reconnects with her late teen rebellions. Together they create a flowing mandala-like wallpainting, a utopian mantra: A Gadda Da Diva.
The title of their show derives from Iron Butterfly’s song IN A GADDA DA VIDA, which may mean In the garden of eden after drinking a gallon of wine, as Doug Ingle did in 1968, when he wrote the song. But here its a ladies’ garden, a garden of divas and princesses, just like the one across the street (Prinzessinnengarten, Berlin).

Fri, 9 Aug, 19.00h
10 Aug 201921 Sep 2019

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