EC Davies is a British video installation artist, represented by Vane and based in Berlin. She works with sound, animation, print, textiles and performance. Davies cuts up words, lyrics, music, movement and objects, reassembling them to reveal different types of emotional resonance. Masks, dressing up, pop song lyrics, and gestures are all reedited and recombined in Davies’ work. Performances are projected into imaginary realms where time and space is manipulated in edit, meditating on ideas of rhythm, movement, isolation and togetherness. Davies‘ new exhibition project ‘Follow Me’ at SCOTTY will develop Davies’ ongoing exploration of communication, play and transformation. Davies‘ Love Dolls - angels in soft form, cuddly toys - act as magical talismans and will explore how the sacred and ritual play out even in the most simple and everyday situations.
The exhibition at SCOTTY Follow Me by artist EC Davies is curated by the gallery space Vane from Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.
SLUICE EXCHANGE Berlin is conceived by SLUICE (London) and produced by SLUICE and The Institut für Alles Mögliche (Berlin), SlLUICE EXCHANGE BERLIN is an international exposition of curatorial programmes in which host spaces in one art community open their doors and share their spaces with kindred spaces visiting from elsewhere.


Fri, 2 Nov, 19.00h
3 Nov 201824 Nov 2018

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