Cinema Conversación LGBTQ* #5 - Zander Porter

For the fifth edition of Cinema Conversación LGBTQ* series of film screenings/artist’s talks, SomoS proudly presents an evening of performance excerpts and conversation, curated by Zsombor Bobák. Presenting the work of Zander Porter, a visual artist, performer, and curator from Los Angeles, currently based in Berlin. In his artistic work, Porter employs media such as photography, digital media, performance, and video. His work is based on his interest in social and collective vs. individuated identity in the digital age. His interest focuses on virtual spaces of both sexual and nonsexual roleplay, including online reality TV (Survivor, Big Brother), competition games, MMOGs (massive multiplayer online games), and anonymous camsex, among others. In times of increasing internet surveillance and globalized networking, Porter is working to understand the dynamics of queerness within these certain sub- or countercultural online spaces, particularly in the ways they resist late capitalist orders of individuation or, for example, Instagram-enforced self-branding.

Fri, 1 Feb, 19.00h21.00h

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